Who gave Akshaya Patra to Draupadi?

Lord Krishna
Other version mentions different story, Draupadi started to pray to Lord Krishna. Pleased with Draupadi’s prayers, Lord Krishna blessed her with the Akshaya Patra, a vessel that would give unlimited food every day till Draupadi finished eating.

Who owns Akshaya Patra?

Inspired by his spiritual guru, Srila Prabhupada’s message, he initiated the Akshaya Patra school lunch programme alongwith Sh. Mohan Das Pai, to provide mid-day meals to children studying in five government schools in Bengaluru.

Is Akshaya Patra Foundation genuine?

The trust deed of The Akshaya Patra Foundation, which is a trust registered in Bangalore, empowers the Board of Trustees to raise donations.

What is Akshaya Patra scheme?

The Akshaya Patra Foundation is a non-profit organisation in India that operates a school lunch programme. The organisation was established in 2000. It aims to counter classroom hunger and aid in education of children. The food distributed by Akshaya Patra is perceived to be “hygienic, nutritious and delicious”.

Is Akshaya Patra run by Iskcon?

Akshaya Patra, which is run by the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON), prepares midday meals for 17.6 lakh students across 42 locations in 12 states.

When did Draupadi pray for help?

She prayed for help when nobody agreed to help her. At last she prayed to Krishna for help.

What was special about the Akshaya Patra?

Akshaya Patra is focused on eliminating classroom hunger and attracting more children (enrolment) to schools and ensure to keep them in school (reduce dropout rate) by feeding a filling, nutritious mid-day meal, every school day. This is in partnership with the Government of India and all the various State Governments.

Is Akshay Patra and Iskcon same?

Akshaya Patra was born from the fusion of two groups: ISKCON, a faith-based group in India, which had the expertise in cooking on a large scale for people in its temples, and senior executives at Infosys and in other technologies companies in India.

What was the special about the Akshaya Patra?

Which state start mid day meal first?

state of Kerala
MDM – Kerala The Mid Day Meal Scheme was first introduced in the state of Kerala in1984 in the LP Schools functioning in 222 Villages, having Fishermen as majority. This was gradually extended formally in 1995.

Is Iskcon and Akshaya Patra same?

Is Feeding India Genuine?

Feeding India by Zomato is a not for profit organization, designing interventions to reduce hunger among underserved communities in India. Feeding India by Zomato has served over 123 million meals as of January 2021.