Who does Cassia marry in Matched?

Cassia goes back and forth between her feelings for Xander and her feelings for Ky throughout the novels. At the end of the third book, Reached, Cassia chooses to be with Ky as her final choice of a partner.

What happens to Ky and Cassia?

Cassia has let Xander know that she loves Ky, and Xander realizes he loves Lei. Xander and Lei leave for the mountains, and Ky and Cassia stay in Camas. The story ends with the citizens in Camas about to vote on their future. Some will vote for the Society, some for the Rising, and some for neither of these.

Does Ky and Cassia Kiss Matched?

Ky Markham Ky is one of Cassia’s Matches, which is accidental. His face showed up on the screen for a fraction of a second after Xander’s. He joins hiking just like Cassia and they soon developed feelings for each other. They kiss on The Hill twice, once on the cheek and one time on the lips.

How does Cassia change in matched?

When everyone is asked to take the red tablet, Cassia realizes that it erases memories; she stomps hers out surreptitiously, refusing to forget Ky. Cassia finds out her family is being relocated to the farmlands. Cassia meets with her Official and learns that Ky was placed into the Matching Pool as an experiment.

Who does Xander Carrow end up with?

Nea Lei
His Match Banquet was on June 15. He loved Cassia Reyes. He ends up with Nea Lei.

What does Cassia learn in matched?

Is Matched appropriate for a 13 year old?

Satire with a nice bite — for mature teens. Gripping but bloody dystopian tale will make teens think.

What does Cassia struggle with in Matched?

The main external conflict in “Matched” was between Cassia and the Society. She discovered that they were not what they appeared to be and they were toying with her. The conflict was not resolved because Cassia knows too much about the true inter workings of the society.

When did Zsa Zsa Gabor and Magda Gabor divorce?

In December 1953, he filed for divorce, leaving Zsa Zsa shattered. The two would go on to be good friends, and in 1967 Zsa Zsa convinced him to marry Magda, by then an invalid after suffering a stroke, to keep him in the family.

Why was Zsa Zsa Gabor on the Bachelor?

Suddenly her brother-in-law called — he needed to fill a vacancy on a panel TV show “Bachelor’s Haven” and asked if she could step in. Zsa Zsa was hesitant to do live television, but she was ultimately convinced.

When did Zsa Zsa Gabor’s dog die?

In 1944, the Bel Air home she shared with Hilton burned to the ground. Zsa Zsa wasn’t in town, but her beloved dog Ranger died in the fire, which weighed on her heavily. “I could not sleep,” Zsa Zsa said.

What kind of dress did Zsa Zsa Gabor wear?

Zsa Zsa was hesitant to do live television, but she was ultimately convinced. She turned up on set in a black Balenciaga gown that perfectly showcased her creamy complexion and feminine curves, and quickly charmed the audience.