Who arrived on the Fortune in 1621?

The voyage The Fortune was 1/3 the size of the Mayflower, displacing 55 tons. The Master was Thomas Barton. She departed London in the fall of 1621 and arrived off Cape Cod on November 9, 1621, and arrived in Plymouth Bay by the end of the month.

What was the ship that followed the Mayflower?

Fortune (Plymouth Colony ship)
In the fall of 1621 the Fortune was the second English ship destined for Plymouth Colony in the New World, one year after the voyage of the Pilgrim ship Mayflower.

What was the third ship after the Mayflower?

In 1623 the ships Anne and Little James were the third and fourth ships financed by the London-based Merchant Adventurers to come out together in support of Plymouth Colony, as were Mayflower in 1620 and Fortune in 1621.

How many passengers were on the Speedwell?

The loss of the Speedwell, which was carrying around 70 passengers when it left Southampton with the Mayflower in mid-summer of 1620 CE, necessitated the transfer of 20 of them to the already cramped Mayflower while many who should have gone on the voyage remained behind.

Which Mayflower passenger lived the longest?

Thomas Cushman (1608-1691) – Soon leading elder of Plymouth Colony. Married Mary Allerton (1616-1699), daughter of Mayflower passenger Isaac Allerton (1586-1658). Arrived at age 14 with his father who left him hear with Gov Bradshaw and returned to England. She would be the longest lived Mayflower passenger.

How many colonists died the first winter?

Despite milder weather conditions that eventually occurred, 45 of the original 102 colonists died during the first winter. There were 17 fatalities in February alone. Many succumbed to the elements, malnutrition, and diseases such as scurvy.

How many times did the Mayflower sail to America?

On December 25, 1620, they had finally decided upon Plymouth, and began construction of their first buildings. The Mayflower attempted to depart England on three occasions, once from Southampton on 5 August 1620; once from Darthmouth on 21 August 1620; and finally from Plymouth, England, on 6 September 1620.

Was the Mayflower built to carry passengers?

In September 1620, a merchant ship called the Mayflower set sail from Plymouth, a port on the southern coast of England. Normally, the Mayflower’s cargo was wine and dry goods, but on this trip the ship carried passengers: 102 of them, all hoping to start a new life on the other side of the Atlantic.

Who are the names of the Fortune passengers?

William Palmer, son Pitt, William (died or departed before 1627) Prence, Thomas Simmons, Moses Statie, Hugh (died or departed before 1627) Steward, James (died or departed before 1627) Tench, William (died or departed before 1627) Winslow, John Wright, William

Who are the passengers of the fortune in 1621?

List of Fortune 1621 passengers to Plymouth The Fortune was the second ship of emigrants to reach Plymouth Colony in 9-Nov-1621. Of the 35 new colonists, many were family members of Pilgrims that arrived earlier in the Mayflower. One of many Immigrant Ships of New England.

When did the ship Fortune arrive at Plymouth?

The ship Fortune arrived at Plymouth on November 9, 1621, just a few weeks after the First Thanksgiving. This passenger list is based on the 1623 Division of Land, the passenger list compiled by Charles Edward Banks in Planters of the Commonwealth, by material published occasionally by Robert S.

Are there passenger lists in the ship theshipslist?

Two index pages which include some wonderful accounts of voyages & really interesting ship and immigrant news items collected by the gggrandfather of Tony Dalton. Passenger Lists: A variety passenger lists.