Which is the best place to have a picnic in Kolkata?

Situated at the mouth of river Hooghly, Diamond Harbour is the point from where the river turns towards the Bay of Bengal. This is one of the most common picnic spots near Kolkata where you can come and see how the ships are being docked in the harbour, and spend a relaxed day.

Which is the best cultural place in Kolkata?

The Nandan theatre hall behind Rabindra Sadan, is Calcutta’s prime place for cine culture. It is a cultural centre for film enthusiasts and professionals. It was largely patronized by the late Satyajit Ray who inaugurated Nandan and designed its emblem. Its three motion picture theatres have the best screening facilities in Kolkata.

Which is the Pride of Kolkata Municipal Corporation?

Besides, there are the main auditorium, mini auditorium and 8 seminar halls which are air conditioned and fully equipped with latest audio visual systems. Science City is the pride of Kolkata. It is the gateway to the next century. It is opened every day from 9 A.M. to 9 P.M. (even on public holidays).

Which is the most popular port in Kolkata?

A very popular port town in the state, Diamond Harbour is situated 57 kilometres from the capital city of Kolkata. The spot, resting on the sandy shores of the Hooghly river also oversees the confluence of the Ganges river with the sea of Bay of Bengal. Cruising, boat riding are very common tourist activities enjoyed by people here.

Which is the best old age home in Kolkata?

The home is located in the vicinity of Kolkata, all the amenities of the city are available at a drive of half an hour. Mr. Biswanath RoyChoudhury is the founder of the home. Ananda Ashram has been in the field of caretaking and that provides exceptional care for over 11 years.

Which is the most famous place in Kolkata?

The iconic Revolution of 1857 occurred in Barrackpore. Hence, Barrackpore has many structures and tourists spots dedicated to the Independence movement and its legendary leaders. Famous attractions include Gandhi Ghat, a memorial dedicated to Mahatma Gandhi, enshrined with a part of his ashes.

Where is shibasram old age home in Kolkata located?

The Shibasram is a non-profit seeking and advocacy organization headquartered at South kolkata. Registered with Registrar of Indian Trust act, 1882 ACT No. 2 OF 1882 [13th January, 1882.]