Where are Miller Homes based?

Edinburgh, Scotland
Miller Homes Ltd. Miller Homes is a housebuilder based in the United Kingdom. It was founded in 1934, as part of the previous Miller Group. Its corporate headquarters is in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Who started Miller Homes?

James Miller
Lawrence MillerJohn Miller
Miller Homes/Founders

How do I contact Miller Homes?

Get in touch, we’re here to help

  1. East Midlands. General Enquiries 0870 336 4400 Sales Enquiries 03300 290 709 Customer Service 0800 954 8424.
  2. West Midlands. General Enquiries 0870 336 4800 Sales Enquiries 03300 374 517 Customer Service 0800 954 8424.
  3. Southern.
  4. Yorkshire.
  5. North East.
  6. Teesside.
  7. North West.
  8. Scotland East.

Who owns Miller Homes?

London, August 2, 2017 – One of the largest housebuilders in the UK, Miller Homes, is to be acquired by private equity group Bridgepoint in a transaction totalling £655 million, from funds managed by GSO Capital Partners.

When was Miller Homes founded?

Miller Homes/Founded

Who are Harron Homes?

Harron Homes is a construction company building luxury homes across the North Midlands and Yorkshire.

How many people do Miller Homes employ?

The business directly supports over 4,000 people daily through a combination of c1,000 directly employed staff and c3,000 subcontractors.

Whats included with Miller Homes?

Your Miller Home will have either: – A central heating systems with a boiler, thermostatically controlled, supplying radiators and hot water. Most systems will have a selector for both the heating and hot water allowing you to control both in line with the needs of your family. – Night storage heaters.

What paint do Miller Homes use?

“The Crown Trade Acrylic Satin Finish is a non-yellowing paint, which is quick drying and is being applied throughout new build homes, on room doors, cupboard doors and window sills.” Miller Homes is also using water-based Crown Trade Covermatt for interior walls.

What’s the moral of the Miller’s tale?

The overall moral of the Miller’s Tale is that the carpenter should not have married so young. The Miller believes that justice is served through Alisoun’s infidelity. This is another perversion to an appropriate love story. Alisoun has revenge on her husband from his control and jealousy.

What do you need to know about Miller Homes?

Our wide range of new homes for sale have all been built with our customers’ needs in mind. Miller Homes understands that when you’re searching for a new home, you also want the perfect location.

Are there any Miller Homes open in Scotland?

All our sales centres and show homes in England and Scotland remain open for visits by appointment only. Find out more here. Once you’ve found your dream home, you can reserve it before anyone else.

Where did Miller build my home in rugby?

I have recently moved into my new Miller Home on the Poet’s Meadow development in Rugby. It’s a long journey from reservation to completion (ten months in my case) but I have always felt fully informed of the progress of my build. Miller were also very accommodating when I was having problems with a useless solicitor.

What happens if you register on Miller Homes website?

Please read: We’re delighted that you have chosen to register on the Miller Homes website as we would not want you to miss out on all the great benefits your registration will bring! Now that you’ll be on our database our Development Sales Manager will be able to contact you to discuss the home you are looking for.