What product is Xo?

X-O. Odor Neutralizer is proven effective in eliminating pet odor, turf, cigarette smoke, cooking odors and other entrenched smells wherever they are found. Using a proprietary blend of de-ionized water and natural plant oils, X-O has been an all natural, green product since 1985.

What is Xo cleaner?

PLUS+ is an ideal combination of mild cleaner and natural odor eliminator – safe and effective to spray in the air or directly on hard surfaces or fabrics. X-O. are extracts from plants like those used in cosmetics and food flavorings. X-O is non-toxic, non-flammable, alcohol-free, and eco-friendly. …

What is a odor Eliminator?

Odor eliminators are designed to get rid of smells and not just mask them. While fragrance may dissipate, deodorizers should get rid of odors and leave a room smelling fresher after each use.

Where are XO appliances made?

Designed and crafted in Italy, this XO range hood has a simple design that’s easy to install.

How do I get my couch to stop smelling like dog?

Baking soda is an extremely effective natural odor remover, and you can use it to get lingering dog smell out of your sofa. Simply sprinkle baking soda over the fabric and let it sit overnight. In the morning, vacuum your couch thoroughly. The odors should be significantly lessened, if not gone completely.

Is XO appliances a good brand?

XO is a premium brand that manufactures a comprehensive range of appliances including undercounter refrigeration, outdoor kitchens, and waste disposal units. They also produce some of the finest ventilation hoods on the market.

Can you use XO to neutralize pet odors?

X-O Neutralizes Pet Odors X-O is the natural, plant-based solution for the health conscious pet owner. Avoid harsh chemicals and use X-O to deodorize for a clean and fresh environment.

What do you need to know about XO care?

Avoid use on patient chair and fabric, display and operating light protective screen. For disinfection of all unit surfaces. Suitable for non-critical and sensitive surfaces such as plastics, fabric, display and protection screen on the operation light. Care and cleaning. Cleaning – removes stains and discolorations. Caring effect.

Can you use XO plus + in laundry?

7 times the potency of X-O PLUS+. Can be diluted or used full strength in laundry to remove sweat and mildew smells. I love this product! I use it on stinky shoes, sports equipment, etc and it always works, but this week it I truly learned how incredible it was.

Is it safe to use X-O deodorizer?

X-O Deodorizer is natural, safe, non-toxic, and economical. X-O Deodorizer is non-irritating, with no chemical or “perfumey” smell. X-O Deodorizer is authorized by the USDA and is environmentally safe, and even contributes to the improvement of the environment.