What is TMOS?

Traffic Management operating system or TMOS is, first of all, it is not an operating system which operates F5 chassis but TMOS encompasses a collection of operating systems and firmware, all of which run on BIG-IP hardware appliances or within the BIG-IP Virtual Edition.

What is F5 Tmsh?

tmsh is an exciting new way to create commands and automate tasks via the CLI on your BIG-IP. By making use of TCL scripting you can automate existing commands, create your own custom commands, and fully automate processes that you may wish to repeat.

What is TMOS shell?

The BIG-IP system includes the TMOS Shell (tmsh) that can be used to manage the system from the command line. You can enter tmsh to configure the BIG-IP system and view statistics and performance data.

What is big-IP LTM?

BIG-IP LTM gives you the industry’s most advanced load balancing and application health monitoring. Control your applications—from connection and traffic to configuration and management—with F5’s unique TMOS® platform, which includes native protocol support, a management API, and an event- driven scripting language.

Is F5 a WAF?

2 Web application firewalls (WAF) protect your applications from data breaches by fixing vulnerabilities and stopping attacks. F5® Advanced Web Application Firewall™ provides malicious bot protection, application-layer encryption, API inspection, and behavior analytics to help defend against application attacks.

How do I find my F5 self IP?


  1. Log in to the command line of the BIG-IP device.
  2. Type the following command: ip addr show.
  3. In the command output, locate the BIG-IP vlan name. The VLAN prefix contains a numeric value followed by a colon.
  4. Within the VLAN network information, locate the lines containing the prefix inet.

How do I get out of TMOS F5?

You can exit tmsh by typing quit. Two different results may occur, depending on the user’s terminal access type: If you are granted bash access, you will be returned to the Advanced Shell (bash). If you are granted tmsh access, you will be logged out of the BIG-IP system.