What is the best applicator for driveway sealer?

Although a large paint roller kit is usually the best way to apply driveway sealers, avoid using a roller if the sealer you’re using has a solids content above 35 percent. In this instance, a concrete squeegee will likely work best.

Is it better to brush or squeegee driveway sealer?

Most residential driveways will only need to be installed a brush and squeegee. Explanation: There is benefits to each application type. If you drive is very smooth, spray is best. Explanation: Brushing it on gives a heavy coat, spraying also gives a heavy coat but sometimes is cheaper on labor charge .

How often should you sealcoat a driveway?

every 3 years
Typically, sealcoating is recommended every 3 years to provide adequate pavement protection as well as attractive curb appeal for your commercial property or home. Your SealMaster pavement professional can provide the best possible pavement maintenance plan for your unique situation.

How long should you stay off a newly sealed driveway?

How long do I have to stay off the driveway after it is sealed? During the summer months of May through August we recommend staying off the driveway with vehicles for 48 hours. After September 1st allow 72 hours or more depending on the temperature. Driveway sealer will dry like paint from the top down.

Should you power wash driveway before sealing?

Prep the driveway for sealing The last step before applying a sealer is to thoroughly clean the driveway. Start with a push broom and sweep away the heaviest debris. Then use a garden hose, or better yet, a pressure washer to rinse the surface clean of all loose dirt, sand, and grit.

What’s the applicator kit for driveway sealer?

An applicator kit designed for applying driveway sealer. Comes with an 18-inch heavy-duty deepwell plastic tray, 18-inch roller frame with end caps, and an 18-inch polyester roller cover. Attach broom stick handle (not included) and use to roll out driveway sealer.

Can You Spray Blacktop sealer on your driveway?

A driveway blacktop sealer can be applied by hand or by a sprayer. Applying sealer by hand allows you to be more exact, letting it be applied without waste or overspray. You will only need a squeegee or floor broom and a stirrer to give you the right sealer consistency. However, be aware that applying sealer by hand is more time-consuming.

When is the best time to apply driveway sealer?

You should also anticipate the weather and plan to leave the sealer to settle for at least 3 days. With that said, it is best to do your seal coating when there is no rain for the next few days. Lastly, before applying sealer, make sure that you are dressed for the part.

What should I use to seal my driveway?

First, you need to protect the areas near the driveway that you would not want to get the sealer in. Walls, the front of your garage, flowerbeds and grass near the garage should be covered. The driveway should also be clean, so you may have to use a high pressure sprayer or a push broom.