What is mall answer in one sentence?

Answer: A mall is a type of market found in the urban areas. It is an enclosed space for shopping. It is usually a large building with many floors which have shops, restaurants, cinema theatres etc.

What is the biggest shopping Centre in Australia?

Chadstone Shopping Centre
List by gross leasable area

Centre Location Current size
1 Chadstone Shopping Centre 233,243 m2 (2,510,610 sq ft)
2 Westfield Fountain Gate 177,291 m2 (1,908,340 sq ft)
3 Westfield Chermside 176,931 m2 (1,904,470 sq ft)

What is the tallest mall in Chicago?

Woodfield Mall
Woodfield Mall is Chicagoland’s largest shopping center and number one tourist attraction in Illinois. The mall spans more than 2.2 million square feet and features nearly 300 stores, restaurants, and specialty shops.

Why is it called Water Tower Place?

Water Tower Place is a large urban, mixed-use development comprising a 758,000 sq ft (70,400 m2) shopping mall, hotel, theater, and condominiums in a 74-story skyscraper in Chicago, Illinois, United States. It is named after the nearby Chicago Water Tower, and is owned by affiliates of Brookfield Property Partners.

What is the full form of mall?

The Full form of MALLS is Multi-Angle Laser Light Scattering, or MALLS stands for Multi-Angle Laser Light Scattering, or the full name of given abbreviation is Multi-Angle Laser Light Scattering.

What is mall short for?


Acronym Definition
MALL Mobile-Assisted Language Learning
MALL Minnesota Association of Law Libraries
MALL Montville American Little League (Montville, CT)
MALL Memorial Ashford Little League (Houston, TX)

Is Chicago built on water?

In the middle of the 19th century, Chicago was not the shining, modern metropolis it is today. The city was only 4 feet above Lake Michigan at most, built on a swamp. Pools of standing water formed all over the city.

What is Fullform of call?

CALL. Computer Aided Language Learning. Computing. CALL. Community Access To Lifelong Learning.