What is Castellani colorless top paint used for?

Phenol topical is used on the skin to help protect skin from infection in minor cuts, scrapes, or burns. Phenol topical is used on the scalp to treat dandruff.

What are the side effects of Castellani paint?

Castellani Paint Colorless Side Effects

  • Difficulty with breathing.
  • nausea.
  • rash.
  • swelling.
  • vomiting.
  • worsening of pain, redness, swelling, or irritation in or around the mouth.

How do you use Castellani paint?

To use Castellani Paint spray in the mouth, spray directly into the mouth or throat. Leave the medicine in place for 15 seconds, then spit it out. Avoid swallowing the spray. To use Castellani Paint as a mouth rinse, gargle or swish the liquid for 15 seconds, then spit it out.

What is the use of resorcinol?

Resorcinol is used to treat acne, seborrheic dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, and other skin disorders. It is also used to treat corns, calluses, and warts. Resorcinol works by helping to remove hard, scaly, or roughened skin.

How do you use Whitfield’s ointment?

Pat the skin and dry with a clean cotton towel. Apply a generous amount of Whitfield S Ointment 10 gm and spread it evenly on the skin’s affected areas to form a 1/8-inch thick layer with clean and dry hands. You can also apply Whitfield S Ointment 10 gm with a piece of clean cotton wool or gauze swab.

Who should not use resorcinol?

You should not use resorcinol if you are allergic to resorcinol. Ask a doctor or pharmacist if it is safe for you to use this medicine if you have other medical conditions, especially: allergies to foods or dyes; or. if you are allergic to an animal.

Is resorcinol safe?

Resorcinol is safe in limited concentrations in hair dye and shampoo, despite evidence for endocrine-disrupting properties, according to the European Commission’s Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety (SCCS), which has reviewed the data.

Which ointment is used for fungal infection?

Antifungal creams, liquids or sprays (also called topical antifungals) These are used to treat fungal infections of the skin, scalp and nails. They include clotrimazole, econazole, ketoconazole, miconazole, tioconazole, terbinafine, and amorolfine. They come in various different brand names.

Can I put Whitfield ointment on my vagina?

Benzoic acid and salicylic acid is for use only on the skin. Do not use this medicine on open wounds or on sunburned, windburned, dry, chapped, or irritated skin. If this medicine gets in your eyes, nose, mouth, rectum, or vagina, rinse with water.

What are the side effects of resorcinol?

Symptoms of resorcinol poisoning

  • Diarrhea, nausea, stomach pain, or vomiting.
  • drowsiness.
  • headache (severe or continuing)
  • nervousness or restlessness.
  • slow heartbeat, shortness of breath, or troubled breathing.
  • unusual tiredness or weakness.

How does niacinamide help skin?

Niacinamide helps build cells in the skin while also protecting them from environmental stresses, such as sunlight, pollution, and toxins. Treats acne. Niacinamide may be helpful for severe acne, especially inflammatory forms like papules and pustules. Over time, you may see fewer lesions and improved skin texture.

What iS the strongest treatment for acne?

Isotretinoin. Isotretinoin is an oral retinoid that treats and prevents acne. Oral isotretinoin is usually viewed as the most powerful acne medication for severe acne on the market and is typically used to treat only the most persistent cases of acne that don’t respond to other treatments.