What is a spool file in as400?

Spooling is a system function that saves data in a spooled file (or printer output file) for later processing or printing. The spooled files are saved in an output queue and hold output data until it can be printed by the printer device.

What is as400 experience?

The AS/400 – formally renamed the “IBM iSeries,” but still commonly known as AS/400 – is a midrange server designed for small businesses and departments in large enterprises and now redesigned so that it will work well in distributed networks with Web applications.

How do I create a spool file in as400?

Steps to capture spool file

  1. Create new ‘OUTQ’
  2. Store spool file(s) in new ‘OUTQ’
  3. Create save file (‘SAVF’)
  4. View the created SAVF to make sure the spool file is successfully stored in the SAVF.
  5. Export ‘SAVF’ file to Windows client PC.

How do I export spool from as400?

Exporting a spooled file to your PC

  1. Select Basic Operations from the IBM Navigator for i window.
  2. Select Printer Output.
  3. Select the printer output file that you want to copy to the PC.
  4. From the Select Action menu, select Export as ASCII Text to convert the spooled file to an ASCII text file.

How do I convert Spool to PDF in as400?

Select Basic Operations from the IBM Navigator for i window. Select Printer Output….Converting a spooled file to PDF

  1. Right-click the printer output file that you want to convert.
  2. Click Convert to PDF.
  3. The PDF Convert wizard opens.
  4. Follow the instructions in the wizard.

How do I create a spool file?

Using the Oracle spool command

  1. The “spool” command is used within SQL*Plus to direct the output of any query to a server-side flat file.
  2. SQL> spool /tmp/myfile.lst.
  3. Becuse the spool command interfaces with the OS layer, the spool command is commonly used within Oracle shell scripts.

How do I convert a 400 file to Excel?

To send a data file to the host system: XLS) in the left hand, client side window and right click. The Send File pop-up menu will display. Select iSeries File Transfer from the pop-up menu. The XLS File and the XLS Filename.

Which is the best automated spool distribution tool?

Catapult is an award-winning automated distribution tool that reliably delivers spool files and PC files in the format people want. Sending documents digitally gives you an immediate ROI through reduced distribution costs. Request a 30-day Catapult Trial

When did I use the spooled file tool?

By using your tool and an article you wrote in March 2000’s Midrange Computing, I was able to create an application that monitors an output queue and distributes spoolfiles in PDF & HTML format onto my NT server.

What can I do with the BVS spooled tool?

It includes commands that you can use from a command line or add to a program. It also includes ILE subprocedures you can use within your RPG programs. The documentation is very good, and the command set is robust.

How to capture a print file / spoolfile?

1. From the eFORMz Composer select Host Tools > AS400 > Director Toolkit. 2. The AS400 Login screen appears. Enter your AS400 IP Address, user name, and password. Once complete click Connect. 3. The AS400 Toolkit dialog box displays. From the Spoolfiles tab, select the queue the spoolfile resides in by selecting the Print Queue field.