What is a GroupMe clone group?

If you want to start a new group but keep the members from a group you already have, you can easily clone your groups in GroupMe. To add members, type their name, phone number, or email, or scroll through your current GroupMe contacts.

What is a GroupMe school group?

GroupMe is a free group messaging smartphone app, available for iPhones, Android, and Windows phones. GroupMe allows users to send text messages to other members of a group without sharing cell phone numbers. Group members can send messages to each other directly, or post to the whole group.

What does closed group mean on GroupMe?

Closed Group: Only the group creator can add or remove people, change the group name, avatar, and topic. Open Group: All members can add or remove people, change the group name, avatar, and topic. However, only the group creator can enable sharing and deleting the group.

Do people get notified when you end a GroupMe?

GroupMe will notify group members you have left but that’s only relevant if they have kept all notifications enabled. If users have turned off notifications, you can leave and all they will see is a text notification that could be buried within other notifications.

Can GroupMe have two owners?

When you create a GroupMe group, you automatically become its owner. Unfortunately, there can only ever be one owner at a time. However, you have the option to make another member an owner or to transfer the ownership if you want to.

Does GroupMe kick people out?

GroupMe members can occasionally encounter issues with other contacts. If so, they might choose to block them or remove them from the group altogether. Although that might be disappointing to some, this is the common policy of GroupMe and other similar platforms.

Does GroupMe have a member limit?

By default, you can have up to 500 members in a group. GroupMe can’t support groups larger than 500. While it’s possible to have groups with 500 members, groups larger than 200 people can get noisy. GroupMe is reply-all, so whenever a member replies to the group number, everyone in the group will get a notification.

Is there a way to leave GroupMe without anyone knowing?

Use ‘#mute’ to mute a single group. This will stop you being notified of anything from that group until you unmute it. As far as I can tell, nobody is notified when you mute a group so this may be a better option if you really don’t want to notify people.