What happened to Letraset?

Letraset was a company known mainly for manufacturing sheets of typefaces and other artwork elements that can be transferred to artwork being prepared. Letraset has been acquired by the Colart group and become part of its subsidiary Winsor & Newton.

What is Letraset made of?

Applying Letraset was a lot like using those – but without the water. Letraset was a lot like the decals you use when you make model aircraft! It basically consisted of an alphabet of letters screen printed onto the reverse of a sheet of translucent (usually blue/grey) film and then coated with an adhesive.

What happened to Tria markers?

Tria II Markers Discontinued Letraset have discontinued the Letraset Tria II marker pen range, which includes the collection sets of 24, tins of 12 and individual markers. As a result, our Letraset Tria II inventory is still available at fantastic prices – while stocks last of course!

Can you refill ProMarkers?

Unfortunately, ProMarkers are non-refillable, but if your marker runs out of ink/dries up, you can fill it with rubbing alcohol to make it last longer.

Who invented Letraset?

Dai Davies
Fred McKenzie

What is Letrafilm?

Pantone #351-A Rare and discontinued PANTONE by Letraset Letrafilm Color / Tint Overlay. These were used in the 1960-70s by graphic designers. This semi-translucent overlay material is a repositionable, self-adhesive on one side. Designers would have to cut graphics and type out with an exacto knife.

Can I make rub on transfers?

To apply rub on decals, peel back the clear plastic liner. Then adhere face down to the surface, rubbing with your finger or the wooden stick to make sure rub on transfers to surface. Pull up the matte liner to reveal your rub on. Rub the decal lightly with your finger to smooth out any air bubbles.

Are Tria markers alcohol based?

The high quality, alcohol-based, low-odor inks won’t smudge on photocopies or laser printouts, and the large ink reservoirs allow for a long-lasting ink supply.