What does the Lear Corporation do?

About Lear Corporation Lear Corporation (Lear) is a supplier to the global automotive industry. The Company is engaged in supplying seating, electrical distribution systems and electronic modules, as well as related sub-systems, components and software, to automotive manufacturers.

Is Lear an OEM?

Lear grew during the 1980s and 1990s through a series of acquisitions. The company sought to become a supplier of complete interior automotive systems, that is, a supplier of seating, electrical, flooring, interior trim, instrument panels, etc., to original equipment manufacturing (OEM) auto companies.

What companies does Lear make seats for?

Although Lear relied on two clients, carmaking giants General Motors Corp. and Ford Motor Co., for more than two-thirds of its sales, the company’s seats can be found in more than 80 different car models from automakers worldwide.

Who owns Lear Seating?

acquires Lear Siegler in a $2.1 billion leveraged buyout. 1988: The Automotive Group is acquired in a management buyout led by Kenneth L. Way, creating Lear Siegler Seating Corporation, headquartered in Southfield, Michigan.

Who is the CEO of Lear Corporation?

Raymond E. Scott (Mar 1, 2017–)
Lear Corporation/CEO

When did Lear Corporation start?

Lear Corporation/Founded
Lear Corporation was founded in Detroit in 1917 as American Metal Products. Today, Lear is one of the world’s leading suppliers of automotive seating systems and electrical and electronic systems (E-Systems).

Who makes seats for GM?

SOUTHFIELD, Mich., April 27, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Lear Corporation (NYSE: LEA), a leading global supplier of automotive seating and electrical systems, was named a GM Supplier of the Year for Complete Seat by General Motors during its 26th annual Supplier of the Year awards ceremony held Friday, April 20 in Orlando.

Is Lear a good company to work for?

On average, employees at Lear give their company a 3.9 rating out of 5.0 – which is equal to the average rating for all companies on CareerBliss. The happiest Lear employees are Engineering Managers submitting an average rating of 4.0 and Senior Quality Engineers with a rating of 3.8.

How much does Lear make?

How much do people at Lear Corporation get paid? See the latest salaries by department and job title. The average estimated annual salary, including base and bonus, at Lear Corporation is $130,789, or $62 per hour, while the estimated median salary is $131,990, or $63 per hour.

What is the meaning of Lear?

Wiktionary. learnoun. Something learned; a lesson. learnoun. Learning, lore; doctrine.

Where is Lear Corporation headquarters?

Southfield, Michigan, United States
Lear Corporation/Headquarters

Who is Lear Pokemon?

Lear (Japanese: ライヤー Lyer) is a character introduced in Pokémon Masters EX. He is the founder of Pasio and the Pokémon Masters League.

Who are the employees of Lear in Poland?

LEAR CORPORATION POLAND II SP Z O O is located in Tychy, ŚLĄSKIE, Poland and is part of the Automobile Parts Manufacturing Industry. LEAR CORPORATION POLAND II SP Z O O has 7910 employees at this location and generates $718.20 million in sales (USD).

What kind of company is the Lear Corporation?

Lear Corporation is an American company that manufactures automotive seating and automotive electrical systems. In 2019, it ranked #147 and in 2018, it ranked #148 on the Fortune 500 list. Lear Corporation was launched as American Metal Products in 1917 in Detroit, Michigan.

How to do an interview with Lear Corporation?

If you are selected for an interview, it will be formally conducted using an established meeting platform or by phone. Please be sure to verify the validity of communication regarding Lear Corporation employment before providing any personal information.

Where does Lear sit on the Fortune 500?

Lear Corporation, a global automotive technology leader in seating and electrical and electronic systems, is ranked #147 on the Fortune 500 with world-class products designed, engineered and manufactured by a diverse team of talented employees.