What did Chuck Yeager accomplish?

On December 12th, 1953, Yeager became the first to exceed twice the speed of sound (1650 mph), flying the Bell X-1A and received the Harmon Trophy. In 1961, Yeager became commandant of the Aerospace Research Pilot School at Edwards AFB and later commanded fighter units. Air Force fighter pilot and test pilot.

What is Chuck Yeager most famous for?

Chuck Yeager, byname of Charles Elwood Yeager, (born February 13, 1923, Myra, West Virginia, U.S.—died December 7, 2020, Los Angeles, California), American test pilot and U.S. Air Force officer who was the first man to exceed the speed of sound in flight.

How many kills did Chuck Yeager have?


Top Aces of the 357th FG Kills
Richard A. Peterson 15.5
Donald Bochkay 14.8
Chuck Yeager 11.5
John Kirla 11.5

What kind of person was Chuck Yeager?

fighter pilot ace
Who Was Chuck Yeager? A fighter pilot ace during World War II, Chuck Yeager became the first person to break the sound barrier, when he flew the Bell X-1 rocket 700 mph in level flight in October 1947.

What did Chuck Yeager do in the Air Force?

Yeager was dispatched to Europe in 1954 to serve as commander of the 417th Fighter Bomber Squadron before he returned to the U.S. to oversee the 1st Fighter Day Squadron at George Air Force Base. In 1962 he was chosen to head up the Air Force Aerospace Research Pilot School to train astronauts.

How old was Chuck Yeager when he broke the sound barrier?

Chuck Yeager was the first man ever to break the sound barrier and fly at a speed faster than sound. He first achieved this record in 1947 and went on to repeat the feat several times over his career. He broke the sound barrier for the last time on 14 October, 2012 on the 65th anniversary of the event when he was 89 years of age.

What was the top speed of Chuck Yeager’s plane?

supersonic flight. …research plane piloted by Major Charles E. Yeager of the U.S. Air Force on October 14, 1947. After being dropped from the belly of a Boeing B-29 mother ship, the XS-1 broke the (local) sound barrier at 1,066 km (662 miles) per hour and attained a top speed of 1,126….

What kind of awards did Chuck Yeager win?

1 Harmon International Trophy (1954),• Collier and Mackay Trophies (1948), 2 Federation Aeronautique International Gold Medal Award. 3 He was selected one of the Ten Outstanding Young Men by the Junior Chamber of Commerce in 1953. 4 He was the first and the youngest military pilot to be inducted into the Aviation Hall of Fame (1973).