What connector has 8 pins?

8-pin power connectors are found in high-end graphics cards.

Can I use a 6 pin PCIe into an 8 pin?

Product Description. The Cable Matters 6-Pin PCI to 8-pin Adapter Power Cable provides a convenient solution for powering a video graphics card from a PSU with only a 6-PIn PCIe power connection. Power a new video graphics card with an existing 6-pin PCIe power connection on your PSU.

Can you splice ribbon cable?

Ribbon flex connectors can be ribbon-to-ribbon (shown just below) for splicing, or they can be ribbon-to-cable for connecting ribbon to your power supply or controller. Use the splice connector if you make a cutting mistake or want to join two reels.

What is the 8 pin connector on a motherboard for?

Can be used to connect to a six or eight pin socket on a video card to provide additional 12v power. Most commonly used to power hard drives and optical drives. These are mostly often used for fan connections in modern system, but in the past they were used for hard drives, optical drives, and many other devices.

How do you repair a ribbon cable?

Cut the ribbon cable about 1/2-inch from the end that needs repair, making sure that the cut is clean and perpendicular to the cable. Align the connector with the cable so that the conductor marked with a colored strip on the ribbon cable is attached to pin 1 on the connector.

What is the pin for the ribbon cable?

The red stripe located on one edge of the gray ribbon cable serves as an identification stripe during the installation process. It is used to prevent reversed connections, which could be damaging to electronics. Generally, the red conductor is paired with pin 1 on a connector.

How does ribbon cable work?

Ribbon cables are made up of multiple wires that are arranged in a flat parallel configuration. Each wire connects to a port within the connection head on either end of the cable; when pressed into a connection socket on a hard drive, motherboard or other component, pins within the socket enter the ports and make contact with the individual wires.

What is a 8 pin connector?

the 8 pin connector is what is called an EPS 12V connector. I was originally used in servers but once cpu’s on the home desktop side started using the 12V rail on the psu just to function properly, that is when the 8 pin became a truly universal standard.