What Canadian 5 cents are worth money?

I know that seems old, but now that we’re nearing 2020, it’s not that unlikely to come across these older coins.

  • 1965 “Large Beads” Nickel.
  • 1953 “No Shoulder Fold” Nickel.
  • 1953 “Shoulder Fold” Nickel.
  • 1951 “High Relief” Nickel.
  • 1947 “Dot” Nickel.
  • 1926 “Far 6” Nickel.

What is a 1947 Canadian 5 cent piece worth?

Total metal value of the 5 cents 1947-Maple Leaf George VI is USD 9.864. Total Nickel content in the coin is 100% and the Nickel value of this coin is USD 9.864 ,Nickel value is claculated with a spot price of USD 61.592/ounce.

What year Canadian nickels are worth money?

Top 10 rare Canadian nickels include the 1926 far 6, 1947 dot, 1951 high relief, 1953 Shoulder Fold (SF) Far Maple Leaf, the 1925 and 1965 large beads.

How much is a 1977 Canada 5 cents worth?

5 cents 1977 prices and values The melt and minimum value of a 5 cents 1977 is $0.09 CAD.

What 5 cents are worth money?

These 20 Nickels Are Worth a Combined $15 Million

  • 1880 Shield Nickel. Sold at auction: $88,125.
  • 1867 Rays Shield Cameo Nickel.
  • 1867 Rays Cameo Proof Shield Nickel.
  • 1916 Doubled Die Obverse Nickel.
  • 1880 Shield Nickel.
  • 1916 Doubled Die Obverse Buffalo Nickel.
  • 1964 Jefferson Mirror Brockage on Reverse.
  • 1913 Liberty Head Nickel.

What Canadian quarters are worth money?

Your Old Canadian Quarters May Now Be Worth $50,000

  • 2000 P Caribou Quarter.
  • 2000 Millennium Map Mule & 2007 Wheelchair Curling Mule.
  • 1992 Rotated Die Error Quarter.
  • 1973 Large Bust Mountie Quarter.
  • 1967 Bobcat Nickel Pattern Quarter.
  • 1951 Low Relief George VI Quarter.
  • 1947 Dot George VI Quarter.
  • 1936 Dot George V Quarter.

How much is a 1977 Canadian quarter worth?


Krause number KM# 62b
Denomination 25 cents
Currency rate 0.25 CAD = 0.20 USD
Year 1977
Period Queen Elizabeth II (1953 – 2021)

What’s a 1977 nickel worth?

CoinTrackers.com has estimated the 1977 D Jefferson Nickel value at an average of 5 cents, one in certified mint state (MS+) could be worth $10.

What nickel is worth a lot of money?

The Top 10 Most Valuable Nickels

Type Year Estimated Value
1. Liberty Head V Nickel 1913 $3,737,500
2. 7-D Buffalo Nickel 1918 $350,750
3. S Buffalo Nickel 1926 $322,000
4. Buffalo Nickel 1916 $281,750

What is a Canadian five cent coin made out of?

The denomination (i.e., the Canadian five-cent piece) had been introduced in 1858 as a small, thin sterling silver coin, that was colloquially known as a “fish scale,” not a nickel. The larger base metal version made of nickel, and called a “nickel,” was introduced as a Canadian coin in 1922, originally as 99.9% nickel metal.

What is the value of a 1912 Canadian 5 cent coin?

W.H.J. Blakemore. 1912-1919 – George V – Canadian Five Cents. The Canadian five-cent coin, commonly called a nickel, is a coin worth five cents or one-twentieth of a Canadian dollar.

What is on the Canadian 50 cent coin?

The fifty-cent piece (French: pièce de 50 cents) is the common name of the Canadian coin worth 50 cents. The coin’s reverse depicts the coat of arms of Canada. At the opening ceremonies for the Ottawa branch of the Royal Mint, held on January 2, 1908, Governor General Earl Grey struck the Dominion of Canada’s first domestically produced coin.

What is 5 cent made of?

In proof sets issued since 1996, the five cent coin is made of sterling silver. Some commemorative five cent coins are also made of sterling silver.