What can I do with a narrow backyard?

For small backyards, position your patio table and chairs against a fence or wall to take advantage of the privacy, but angle the chairs outward to create the feeling of more space. Containers with colorful blooms and an outdoor rug give the space interior-like comfort.

How can I make the most of my backyard small?

1 Dozen Ways to Make the Most of a Small Yard

  1. Step Up and Out. 1/13.
  2. Garden in Containers. 2/13.
  3. Use Natural Elements for Privacy. 3/13.
  4. Create a Focal Point. 4/13.
  5. Minimize Furniture. 5/13.
  6. Use Every Inch—Even the Side Yard. 6/13.
  7. Incorporate Seating into Hardscapes. 7/13.
  8. Use Vertical Space. 8/13.

How do you landscape a small yard?

Think of a forest with low groundcovers, ferns, shade-tolerant understory shrubs and trees, and the tall overhead trees. You can do the same thing with your small yard landscaping! Use things like groundcovers, bulbs and crevice plants to create a beautiful layered landscape, while maximizing your flower bed space!

What is a good size yard?

Today, the average hovers around 8,560 square feet or about 15 percent less at about 0.2 acres for a small backyard. However, that figure doesn’t tell the whole story. It also varies where you live. If you live in the Midwest, your backyard likely runs around 9,583 square feet or about 0.22 acres.

How do you maximize outdoor space?

Our Top Ten Ways to Maximize Your Outdoor Living Space

  1. #10 Think Perimeter Seating. The most effective way to use any outdoor area is with perimeter seating.
  2. #9 Plan for Foot Traffic.
  3. #8 Just Add Light.
  4. #7 Get Shady.
  5. # 6 Add Flexible Furniture.
  6. # 5 Plan for Storage.
  7. #4 Update Your Underfoot.
  8. #3 Take Advantage of Vertical Space.

How do I maximize my backyard?

10 Ways To Improve Your Backyard

  1. Create hangout space. A deck or patio quickly turns a boring backyard into a desirable destination by providing a great space to entertain and relax.
  2. Grow a garden.
  3. Add a swing or hammock.
  4. Build a playground.
  5. Add a fire pit.
  6. Create water features.
  7. Hang outdoor lights.
  8. Get a pool.

What is the cheapest way to landscape a backyard?

Crushed Stone. Utilizing crushed stone or garden rocks is one of the easiest cheap backyard landscaping ideas you can find. Instead of having to pay a hefty price for lawn turf such as grass or other plants, you can easily fill a lot of space by using the type of crushed stone pictured or even garden rocks, gravel, etc …

What can I use instead of grass in my backyard?

Eco-Friendly Alternatives to a Grassy Lawn

  • Groundcovers. Groundcovers sprawl across the ground but don’t grow tall, eliminating the need to mow, providing the perfect alternative to grass.
  • Corsican Mint.
  • Creeping Thyme.
  • Clover.
  • Ornamental Grasses.
  • Evergreen Moss.
  • Native Perennial Beds.
  • Artificial Turf.

How do I build a small backyard patio?

A Small Backyard Patio: The Simple Design Steps

  1. Decide where you want your patio.
  2. Measure off the length and width of your patio.
  3. Visit your local home improvement center to buy paving stones.
  4. Dig out the area!
  5. Compact the soil with a tamper and fill the area.
  6. Fill the area with leveling sand.
  7. Lay your pavers!

How can I make my yard look bigger?


  1. Create Zones. Although creating separate spaces in your yard sounds counterproductive, distinct areas in your yard actually opens the space up and makes it feel bigger.
  2. Changing Elevation.
  3. Create a Focal Point.
  4. Letting in Natural Light.
  5. Using Hardscapes.
  6. Limiting the Lawn.
  7. Cater to the Senses.
  8. Portable Options.

How do I figure out my yard size?

Make sure you subtract the square footage of your home and driveway when calculating the total square footage of your lawn. If your lawn has an irregular shape, try dividing it up into a number of square areas. Calculate the square footage for each area, then add the figures together to reach your total lawn size.