What are Polyleaders used for?

Polyleaders are weighted leaders typically made with a dense sinking core and coated in PVC, perfect for getting streamers and wet flies down fast. These weighted leaders replace any nylon or fluorocarbon leader that you would typically use for dry fly fishing or nymphing.

Why use a floating Polyleader?

Floating PolyLeaders are clear with positive buoyancy so that they ride over ripples and not through them. Sinking leaders come in a wide range of sink rates that give you the latitude to adjust to changing water depths, water speeds and retrieve rates.

What is a Poly leader fly fishing?

Because Polyleaders are actually a fly line coating bonded to a monofilament core (not simply a monofilament leader) they are an innovative approach to providing energy transfer from fly rod through fly line in order to turn over tippets and flies.

What is a sinking leader?

Sold under the brand names VersiLeader, from Rio Products, and PolyLeader, from Airflo and Orvis, a sinking leader is a seven- to 12-foot length of tapered monofilament that’s been coated in tungsten-infused PVC to make it sink.

Are Polyleaders any good?

They’re a great match for lighter setups such as scandi heads or switch lines. However, polyleaders are just as useful on your single-handed rod as well! While fishing a floating line, many anglers keep an extra spool locked and loaded with a sink tip fly line that they can ‘switch out’ if the situation calls for it.

What is the fastest sinking fly line?

Snowbee XS-Plus Countdown 7 Fly Line is the fastest sinking Snowbee fly line ever, the density of the charcoal grey head provides a sink rate of 7ins/sec – ideal for deep sinking lures, nymphs and boobies off the boat or really quick sinking for boobies and exploring the depths from the bank.

Which is the leading manufacturer of floating polyleaders?

Airflo are the industry’s leading manufacturer of floating and sinking polyleaders. Incredibly versatile, we applied our non-PVC technology to make excellent freshwater and saltwater polyleaders that outperform anything else on the market. Each Polyleader range has been designed specifically for the target species.

What kind of polyleader does Airflo fishing use?

The Titanium Tip Polyleader is unbeatable! Airflo Polyleaders feature a welded loop on the back end for easy connection (loop-to-loop style) to your fly line. You have no items to compare.

Can a polyleader be attached to a fly line?

Polyleaders can be attached to any floating fly line with a loop-to-loop connection for quick change outs. Once you’ve attached a Polyleader to your fly line, simply attach your leader or length of tippet off of the Polyleader and you’ll be ready to fish streamers at varying depths.

What’s the difference between polyleaders and sink tips?

Sink tips generally have a line weight or grain weight associated with them, while polyleaders (aka versileaders) are not rod weight specific. Sink tips are built on a braided core and are thick like a fly line, while polyleaders are built on a mono core and are thin and light.