Is there a holiday park in Overijssel called Slagharen?

Attraction/Entertainment & Holiday Park Slagharen is an amusement park in Overijssel which offers chalets and bungalows in the center of the theme park. Guests benefit from access to the attractions during the complete stay. The park includes a wide range of restaurants, shops and 2 swimming pools. Hoogeveen is 20 minutes’ drive from the park.

What to do in Slagharen in the winter?

Vakantiepark Slagharen is a 30-minute drive from the town of Zwolle. The park includes an indoor Rocky Mountains themed pool, a beach-style outdoor pool and a 4D cinema. There are 40 different rides, rollercoasters and monorail. Circus and theater shows are put on each day. During the winter guests can enjoy Winter Slagharen.

How many rides are there at Slagharen theme park?

Discover our Wild West holiday homes, Wigwam or set up your own spot at the campsite of holiday park Slagharen. Discover Theme park Slagharen with more than 30 rides. Find it out for yourself! Read the corona measures we are taking during the pandemic.

What does the name Slagharen theme park mean?

The logo contains the English name Slagharen Themepark & Resort . The Amusement park contains two areas, which are connected by a main street containing shops and restaurants.

What to do in Slagharen in the summer?

If you prefer, you can set out on a quest to explore Jules Verne Adventureland and embark on the spectacular Expedition Nautilus, then cycle to the top on the Magic Bikes and battle the raging waters in Fogg’s Trouble. You can also watch an exciting 4D film or go to the thrilling stunt show in the Western Village Theater.

What to do at themepark Slagharen in Mexico?

Themepark Slagharen is a whirlwind of adventures. You can step straight out of the Wild West into Mexico, then celebrate carnival to the rhythms of New Orleans before searching for gold in Yellowstone.