Is the Taylor 314 good?

The Taylor 314 is an excellent all-rounder, whether you are a strummer or a fingerpicking player. It is the type of an acoustic guitar that is perfect for beginners that pro players will also love to use.

Do Taylor guitars come with a case?

We’re one of the only manufacturers that provides a carrying case with every guitar we sell and includes it in the price of the guitar. Our other guitars ship with either a soft guitar gig bag or a hard bag (GS Mini, 200 Series), both of which provide excellent protection and carrying convenience for your guitar.

What are Taylor guitar cases made of?

They were made by Taylor at their El Cajon factory along side their guitars. They have 5-ply wood construction, high quality hardware, very plush pinkish-maroon color linings, and either smooth or bumpy brown tolex coverings.

Is Taylor 314 a solid wood?

The Taylor 314ce is the lowest priced solid wood guitar Taylor offers. It’s a work horse that features a solid sitka spruce top with sapele back and sides. New for 2018, the 314ce features the all new v-class bracing. Read on to learn if this guitar is the right choice for you.

How much does a Taylor 314ce weigh?

Product information

Item Weight 23 pounds
Body Material Wood
Fretboard Material Ebony
Top Material Mahogany Wood
Neck Material Type Mahogany

What is Taylor layered wood?

Taylor’s layered backs and sides incorporate three layers of wood, featuring a middle core of poplar with a veneer on each side. While layered woods won’t produce quite as complex a sound as solid woods, they allow us to blend exotic looks with climate-resilient construction.

How do you tell if a guitar has solid back and sides?

Pull the end pin and look at the cross section of the side. The only way to really tell if the back is solid or laminated is to find some way to see the cross-section, which is virtually impossible to do if the guitar is intact. Sit there and play it until the guitar “opens up”. If it does, it’s solid.

Is the Taylor 314ce a good acoustic guitar?

The Taylor 314ce is a solid Grand Auditorium with excellent top-end response and a natural, direct tone. The 314ce’s sapele back and sides have a warm, full body, with a bell-like sparkle and broad dynamic range thanks to a Sitka spruce top.

What kind of case does a Taylor guitar come in?

Appointments include black binding, Gemstone fretboard/peghead inlays in Italian acrylic, and satin-finish back and sides with a gloss top. A Venetian cutaway invites your fretting hand up the neck, while our proprietary ES2 electronics serve up faithful plugged-in tone. The guitar ships in a deluxe hardshell case.

What kind of bag do you use for a Taylor guitar?

Our soft gig bag design is lightweight and durable, while the padded guitar bag provides sturdy, reliable protection for your acoustic guitar. You’ll also find the Taylor garment bag and replacement gig bag straps in the TaylorWare store.

What kind of guitar is the Taylor 300?

Taylor’s 300 Series has introduced countless players to the pleasures of the all-solid-wood acoustic experience; it’s the entry point to Taylor’s USA-made instrument line.