Is the name Duncan Irish or Scottish?

Duncan Name Meaning Scottish and Irish (of Scottish origin): from the Gaelic personal name Donnchadh, composed of the elements donn ‘brown-haired man’ or ‘chieftain’ + a derivative of cath ‘battle’, Anglicized in Ireland as Donagh or Donaghue.

What kind of surname is Duncan?

Duncan is a Scottish and Irish surname. For the etymology of the surname Duncan this web page cites: Dictionary of American Family Names. Another opinion is that the Gaelic Donnchadh is composed of the elements donn, meaning “brown”; and chadh, meaning “chief” or “noble”.

Is Duncan a Dutch name?

given name of Scottish origin. Duncan is an Anglicised form of Irish and Scottish Gaelic Donnchadh. The final letter n in the Anglicised Duncan seems to be a result of confusion in the Latin form of the name—Duncanus—with the Gaelic word ceann, meaning “head”.

How popular is the last name Duncan?

Duncan Surname Distribution Map

Place Incidence Frequency
United States 179,562 1:2,019
Australia 20,481 1:1,318
England 19,780 1:2,817
Scotland 17,153 1:312

What is the female name for Duncan?

Duncanina (female)

Variants: Dunkina (F)
Diminutive(s): Nina (F)
Masculine form: Duncan (M)
Source(s): Private communication [GCB]

Is Duncan a Scottish clan?

Clan Position Clan Duncan is an Armigerous clan but with no present Chief of the name Duncan. For the present, the Clan is being led by the armigerous Territorial House of Duncan of Sketraw. Both Armorial Bearings and Territorial Designation are recorded in the Public Register of All Arms and Bearings in Scotland.

What is the female version of Duncan?

Duncanina (female) Scottish feminine form of the male name Duncan [q.v.]. This is the standard Scottish feminine form of Duncan + -ina but it does not occur in the 1841 Census of Aberdeenshire.

Is Duncan a good name?

Duncan is jaunty, confident, and open, a Scottish royal name that’s brimming with friendly charm and makes it into our golden circle of names that are neither too popular nor too strange. Popularity aside, Duncan is one of the most classic Scottish names for boys.

Is Duncan a nice name?