Is the Blue Line train in Chicago Safe?

The CTA Blue Line is a busy route. It ushers riders downtown and gets people out to O’Hare International Airport. “The Blue Line is usually very safe.

Is the Chicago Blue Line underground?

The Blue line is also underground between Logan Square and Belmont and at O’Hare. Small portions of the system are underground elsewhere. One unique structure on the Green line is a tunnel, yet above ground.

Is the L running in Chicago?

The Run the L Challenge is Back! We invite you to join us for the Spring 2021 edition of the HOKA ONE ONE Run the L Challenge presented by the Chicago Half Marathon Series (the same team that brings you the Chicago Spring Half Marathon & 10K and the HOKA ONE ONE Chicago Half Marathon & 5K.)

Is the L still running?

L Project-related service has changed Due to COVID-19, we are now running MTA Essential Service. L service will continue as normal during peak and midday weekday times. Service on the L will be reduced nights and weekends.

Where is the CTA Blue Line in Chicago?

The CTA Blue Line provides 24-hour rapid transit train service between Chicago-O’Hare International Airport and the Forest Park terminal, via downtown Chicago.

Where can I find information on the L train in Chicago?

The official source for information on Chicago’s L train system is the CTA, which has a website through this link. If you’d like to learn more about the CTA bus system — the other component of the CTA transit system — click through to read our guide. How Do I Take The L In Chicago? (The Short Answer) I Want To Get To…

When does the Blue Line start in Chicago?

The BLUE LINE Chicago ‘L’ (Direction: Towards Forest Park) has 23 stations departing from O’Hare and ending in Uic-Halsted. BLUE LINE Chicago ‘L’ time schedule overview for the upcoming week: Starts operating at 12:00 AM and ends at 11:50 PM. Operating days this week: everyday.

Where are the Blue Line stations in Illinois?

The Blue Line is also one of only two lines with more than one station with the same name, with the Green Line being the other. (It has two stations at Harlem Avenue: one in the Kennedy Expressway on the Northwest side and one on the south side of the Eisenhower Expressway in Forest Park, Illinois.