Is First Monday Trade Days open?

The First Monday grounds are open to the public from 9 am to 4 pm each Friday, Saturday and Sunday before the First Monday each month throughout the year. Come by and be part of the festivities. Weatherford First Monday Trade Days; a Texas time-honored tradition!

Is Canton First Monday Cancelled?

In announcing the cancellation of First Monday Trades Days that was supposed to take place in April, the city council released a statement that said: “The safety of our citizens, vendors, visitors, and employees remains our highest priority.

What do they sell at Canton Trade Days?

Here’s a quick sampling of the tens of thousands of items available each flea market weekend from vendors all over Texas, from the South, the Southwest, and all over the USA….What’s Available at First Monday for Shoppers: Virtually Anything!

Antiques Collectibles Arts & crafts
Kids clothing Ceramics Furniture

How did Canton Trade Days start?

The original First Monday Trade Days was started in the 1850’s on the streets of downtown Canton and was moved to six acres off the square during the 1960’s. Various individuals have acquired property in the area surrounding the six acres and developed their own “First Monday” sales areas.

Is this First Monday weekend?

First Monday is considered the largest free flea market in the United States, and is held on Thursday – Sunday preceding the first Monday of each month. Up to 100,000 visitors can shop there in a given weekend….

Market Month Dates
November October 28-31, 2021
December December 2-5, 2021

Is First Monday a good journal?

The overall rank of First Monday is 9488. According to SCImago Journal Rank (SJR), this journal is ranked 0.533.

Do they sell puppies at Canton Trade Days?

Did you know that in Canton, Texas there is an entire flea market dedicated to selling puppies, piglets, kittens, and other animals? This flea market, known as “Dog Alley”, is held the first weekend of every month during Canton Trade Days.

Do they sell beer at First Monday Canton?

Beer and other alcoholic beverages are not sold on the grounds and I do not believe you can take in your own. We have been there many times and have not seen it consumed on the grounds.

Is Canton cash only?

Is it cash only? Some vendors do accept credit cards, however there are many vendors who accept cash only. We have ATM’s onsite but they may run out of cash on busy days. We recommend bringing cash to be prepared!

How much does it cost to get into Traders Village?

I went to Trader’s Village this past weekend & thought I’d write a review since I had a really hard time finding any detailed info about it online. Parking is $3 per car & admission is free. The stores are set up more like stalls in a storage unit.

Where is First Monday published?

University of Illinois at Chicago University Library
First Monday is published by the University of Illinois at Chicago University Library, where its server is also located.

When is Canton trade days?

Canton trade days are held Thursday through Sunday prior to the first Monday of the month , year round. For current, up-to-date information on opening dates and policies, we encourage you to contact the official owners and operators of First Monday Trade Days.

When is the Canton Flea Market?

The Canton Flea Market is always held on the second Thursday in May and October. It began in 1965 as an art show with local artists hanging their paintings on the iron fence surrounding the grounds of the Courthouse.

When was the first Monday?

Created by JAG creator Donald P. Bellisario and Paul Levine, the show aired on CBS from January until May 2002. The name First Monday is a reference to the first Monday in October, which is when each Supreme Court term begins.