How wide are Cooldek panels?

Material Specifications

Material Properties Finish Cooldek CGI
Mass (kg / linear metre) 50mm Panel 9.6
75mm Panel 9.9
100mm Panel 10.2
Width overage (mm) 1000

What is stratco Cooldek?

Stratco Cooldek roofing features a polystyrene core that is permanently bonded to a smooth, easy to clean coloured steel underside and a profiled, coloured steel topside. The insulating properties of Cooldek reduce heat from above on hot days which significantly increases comfort levels under the roof.

Can you walk on Stratco Cooldek?

When walking on Cooldek roofing, it is recommended you walk over the support beam to avoid damage. Wear flat, rubber soled shoes and walk flat footed in the sheet pans for Classic, and with your weight spread over as many crests as possible for CGI.

How long are insulated roof panels?

Roofing Panel Specifications

Roof Sizes Spacemaker Versalink 1000
Minimum Pitch 1 Degree 1 Degrees
Maximum Free Span 11.407m 8.010m
Maximum Length 15.000m 10.000m
Panel Width 1000mm 1000mm

Can you walk sandwich panel roof?

Can I walk on roof panels once installed? Yes, the roof panels are designed to withstand up to 140kg over the supported area of roof only (i.e. No loads are permitted on the unsupported overhang section of roofs).

What does a Vergola cost?

Vergola is steel so is cheaper than most other offerings. They run up to approx. $1200 / m2 for aluminium systems with all the extras, downlights. etc.

How do you insulate a roof?

One of the most common and effective ways to insulate your roof is with polyurethane spray foam. This spray-applied plastic is known to be highly effective for sealing any cracks as well as resisting wind and heat. The foam is applied to the underside of your roof deck and directly onto the slates and tiles.

Which is best cooldek or cookdek insulated roofing?

The thickness of the COOLDEK® panels provide superior span distances and market leading insulating performance. COOKDEK® insulated roofing adds value and comfort to your alfresco living area year round.

How big does a cooldek patio roof need to be?

COOLDEK® roofing is extremely rigid and can span up to 7 metres between supports. Long span distance reduces the number of supporting beams and framework structure, which creates an uncluttered and smooth ceiling-like appearance.

Where can I buy easy panel roofing in Queensland?

Easy Panel are based in Underwood in Brisbane and can be purchased and picked up on the same day. Or fast delivery can be arranged throughout Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast, Ipswich or the Gold Coast. Standard panels are available but customisation is available in different sizes and Colorbond colours—which only takes between one and three days.