How much does it cost to go to the Indiana Dunes?

The Indiana Dunes State Park’s only entrance is at the northern terminus of State Road 49. The state park charges a daily entrance fee per car for almost the entire year ($7 for Indiana plates, $12 for out of state plates).

Can you swim in Indiana Dunes?

Central Avenue Beach | Indiana Dunes National Park Lifeguards: None. Swim at your own risk. Be sure to check the weather and water conditions before swimming. Pet-Friendly: Leashed pets are allowed.

Why did Splash Down Dunes close?

The park operated from 1957 to 1991. Many rides were moved to Little Amerricka amusement park in Wisconsin after the park closed on August 2, 1991. Splash Down Dunes itself closed down in 2009 after an ownership dispute; the original owner regained ownership in 2010 but the park remained closed.

Is Indiana Dunes Open Covid?

Yes, Indiana Dunes National Park is open for the most part. Since we are under the authority of national and state CoronaVirus (COVID-19) guidelines, park closures are in a constant state of flux, and we must adjust to these orders as they develop. Please be aware.

Is Indiana Dunes worth visiting?

It’s worth paying a visit to the Indiana Dunes State Park for its three-dune challenge: a 1.5-mile trail that takes you up the three highest peaks on the shoreline.

Can you rent dune buggies at Indiana Dunes?

Experience the dunes at your own leisure by renting an off-road vehicle with Silver Lake Buggy Rentals! This is the perfect option for experiencing the dunes when you’d rather not go through obtaining the necessary documents for your own vehicle.

Are there bathrooms at Indiana Dunes?

Two of the most popular beaches are the Indiana Dunes State Park and West Beach of the National Park. Both locations have amenities like ample parking, restrooms, rinse-off stations, and lockers.

What is the water temperature at Indiana Dunes?

Water temperature in Indiana Dunes today is 72°F. The swimming season in Indiana Dunes lasts from July to September. During those months, Indiana Dunes water temperature does not drop below 68°F and therefore suitable for comfortable swimming.

Does Indiana have an amusement park?

There are really only two major amusement parks/theme parks in Indiana: Holiday World and Indiana Beach.

Is Indiana dunes worth visiting?

Are there bathrooms at Indiana dunes?

Can you grill at Indiana dunes?

Picnicking at Indiana Dunes National Park Cooking fires are permitted in the provided grills or an approved carry-in grill. There are eight covered picnic shelters near the parking lot with two that are wheelchair accessible.

What is the best beach in Indiana Dunes?

Porter Beach – Sharing its eastern border with the Indiana Dunes State Park , Porter Beach is a favorite with the locals. It’s a great place to enjoy some water sports or simply sit and relax. Central Beach – This unique beach that can be accessed by paved road or wooded trail.

What hotels are near Indiana Dunes?

Popular hotels close to Indiana Dunes National Park include WaterBird Lakeside Inn, Best Western Indian Oak, and Quality Inn. See the full list: Hotels near Indiana Dunes National Park.

What to do at Indiana Dunes?

Other outdoor activities at Indiana Dunes National Park include biking, bird watching, boating, and fishing. In order to cast a line, you’ll need an Indiana Fishing License plus a stamp to catch trout and salmon . Kayaking and canoeing are popular on the park’s Little Calumet River .

Is Indiana Dunes Open?

The Indiana Dunes National Park maintains an array of magnificent beaches, which are open year-round from 7:00 a.m. to 30 minutes past sunset, unless otherwise noted. Bicyclists and hikers may enter at 6:00 a.m. Parking and bathroom facilities are located near all of the beaches.