How much does it cost to get married at the Newport Mansions?

Rhode Island, perhaps largely because of its to-die-for Newport mansions that host weddings, rolls in at an average of $48,000.

How expensive is a Rosecliff mansion wedding?

On average, it costs about $15,000 to rent Rosecliff Mansion for a Saturday evening during wedding season; however, if you choose another day of the week, the rental fee can be as little as $8,000. This is the rental fee only. As for the estimated price per head, this can range anywhere from $135 to $155.

Who owns Belcourt of Newport?

Carolyn Rafaelian
Belcourt of Newport/Owners

As a youngster, Carolyn Rafaelian took tours of the opulent mansions on Newport, Rhode Island’s 2.5-mile Bellevue Avenue with her family. In 2012, the billionaire founder of bangle brand Alex and Ani bought her own, a $3.6 million, 56,000-square-foot Gilded Age manse called Belcourt.

Why is Rosecliff mansion closed?

Rosecliff mansion closes because of a lack of heat.

Who owns Belmont Castle?

Church of Scotland
Belmont Castle. OWNER: Church of Scotland – Eventide home. 53 and 55 – plan of house as existing in 1773.

Who owns Aldrich Mansion?

the Roman Catholic Diocese of Providence
Aldrich Mansion, Warwick Aldrich, construction began in 1896 and was finished 16 years later. Today, it’s owned by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Providence and used for wedding receptions, conferences and fundraisers, as well as film and television work.

How much is the Aldrich Mansion worth?

The well-preserved property, built in 1885, is said to be worth well over $10 million, and it includes large landscaped gardens, 19 chimneys and a coach house, and has two entry facades.

Who owns Rosecliff mansion?

Larry Ellison
NEWPORT — Oracle founder and multibillionaire Larry Ellison has apparently purchased the Seacliff home at 562 Bellevue Ave. for $11 million, thus giving him ownership of all four properties between Rosecliff and Marble House, two Preservation Society of Newport County mansions.

Is there a site fee for Belhurst Castle?

Founded in 1885, the century-old castle is a combination of three hotels, two restaurants, a winery, and a spa and salon for all of your wedding needs. As the owners of Belhurst Castle don’t believe that guests should have to pay to use the space, the castle doesn’t have a venue or site fee.

What to expect at a Belvoir Castle wedding?

You can expect a magical day that reflects your hopes and dreams. Our greatest wish is for you to relax and enjoy your special day with family and friends. Full day hire of our historic state rooms.

Where to stay in Belhurst for a wedding?

Belhurst offers three distinct hotel accommodations and couples will have the option to books rooms in either the Chambers in the Castle, the Vinifera Inn, or the White Springs Manor. The experienced staff at Belhurst Castle can tailor wedding events to each couples’ individual styles.

Who was the architect who designed Belcourt Castle?

The 40,000-square-foot house was designed in 1894 by the renowned American architect Richard Morris Hunt, commissioned by Oliver Hazard Perry Belmont and decorated by his second wife Alva Vanderbilt.