How much are divisional playoff tickets?

About 6,500 tickets will be available for season ticket holders who opted in, an increase from the 6,000 which were sold for the Divisional Round playoff game. Ticket prices will range from $215-$280 based on location in the stadium. There will also be a service fee from Ticketmaster.

How much are NFL playoff tickets?

How much do NFL Playoff tickets cost? Currently, NFL playoff game tickets can start as low as $45.00 and average $175.00.

Can you buy NFL playoff tickets?

OFFICIAL TICKET MARKETPLACE OF THE NFL The 2021 NFL schedule is here and tickets to your favorite teams’ games are now available. Throughout the year, the NFL Ticket Exchange is your hub to find seats for NFL Regular Season games, the NFL Playoffs and Super Bowl LVI.

When can I buy playoff tickets NFL?

Playoffs Tickets typically go on sale to the general public in December towards the end of the NFL season. With TicketSmarter, NFL Playoff tickets are usually posted before general on-sales, so you do not need to wait to buy.

What do u mean by playoff?

1 : a final contest, series of contests, or period of play to determine the winner between contestants or teams that have tied a golf tournament decided by an 18-hole playoff a sudden-death playoff.

How much are tickets for the playoffs?

On average, tickets for the first round of the playoffs range cost an average of $135. In the second round, the average ticket price is a bit closer to $200. Tickets for the conference finals typically resell for close to $300.

How much is a ticket to an NFL game?

NFL Ticket Prices The average ticket price for an NFL game is $151, according to SeatGeek data.

What does clinched playoff mean?

Clinching a playoff berth means that you are guaranteed a spot (either as division winner or wildcard) even if you lose out. Clinching the division means you can lose out and still be #1 in your division (which guarantees you a playoff spot).

What is another word for playoff?

What is another word for playoffs?

championship competition
battle challenge
showdown crown
title elimination
finals crowning achievement

Where can I buy tickets to a playoff game?

If you’ve never seen a big playoff game from the stands, the time is now to change that. Whether it’s a clutch regular season game, the postseason or the Super Bowl, StubHub always has you covered.

When is the Divisional Round of the NFL?

There is an entire week remaining for hype and analysis, so for now, here is our top-line look at the divisional matchups, set for Jan. 16-17. Note: Odds and game lines are via Caesars Sportsbook by William Hill. Predictions are from ESPN’s Football Power Index (FPI).

Are there any NFL playoff tickets on StubHub?

Whether it’s a clutch regular season game, the postseason or the Super Bowl, StubHub always has you covered. As unpredictable as any sporting event out there, anything can happen once it comes to the postseason, though that’s something that you need to see first-hand to truly appreciate.

How many games are there in the NFL playoffs?

The first back-to-back tripleheader NFL playoff weekend is over. The “super wild-card” round brought six dramatic games and delivered us into the traditional four-game divisional round. We’re going to get the third Brady-Brees matchup in five months, along with a look at the top two contenders for the MVP and some relative playoff newcomers.