How do you complete vizima confidential?

Currently there are 3 ways of achieving this:

  1. In the cemetery crypt during the quest A Gravedigger’s Gratitude.
  2. At the autopsy in the quest Anatomy of a Crime.
  3. Cleared 5 of the suspects by any means(Must include Ramsmeat, Thaler, Vincent Meis and Golan Vivaldi)

Is Vincent Meis innocent?

Vincent Meis becomes a suspect after Geralt is attacked in the Sewers. Vincent was one of the few people who knew Geralt was there. If you speak carefully with Vincent and accept his explanations you will conclude that Vincent is innocent.

How do you prove Thaler innocent Witcher 1?

Paradoks: You have to complete Shani’s party to get proof that Thaler is innocent. Not true! Although that is one way to do it. Once you’ve seen the mysterious man and talked to him, and he says “you didn’t see me”, you have to go back and talk to Thaler again, EVEN THOUGH HIS DIALOGUE OPTIONS ARE GREYED OUT.

How do I get into the cemetery in the Witcher?

ID. This is a quest item. It can be obtained from Vincent Meis, after Geralt has proven his innocence and gained his trust. Either the pass, or clearing the Gravedigger’s debts with Thaler, is necessary to enter the cemetery.

Is Ramsmeat guilty?

Ramsmeat is guilty. I need to pressure him a bit. Ramsmeat deemed innocent by any means: I’ll tell Ramsmeat I’ve found proof of his innocence.

Does Witcher 3 have Vizima?

Imperial Audience is a main quest in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and the final quest in the game’s prologue. This quest takes Geralt to Vizima where he has an audience with the Emperor of Nilfgaard, Emhyr var Emreis.

Is Kalkstein guilty?

Kalkstein deemed guilty by any means: Kalkstein is in collusion with Azar, I’m now convinced. I need to confront the alchemist. Kalstein is guilty.

How do you gain trust in Kalkstein?

Go to Kalkstein’s and talk to him. To gain his trust, you must get him two books. The books can be obtained from Vivaldi.

Where can I find Thaler in Witcher 1?

In the Temple Quarter of Vizima lives a fence named Thaler. He has many things that belonged to Berengar, and also deals in illegal goods. The fence is a repulsive man and uses particularly foul language. During the day he can be found in his store, which is located in a house in the Temple Quarter.

Where can I find Alghouls Witcher 3?

You can find an alghoul in the Vizima cemetery and the crypt under it. Collect the desired amount of marrow and return for a reward. Alghouls aplenty also spawn near the corpses northwest of the ruined tower in the Swamp during the night.

Should I save triss or help Roche?

Triss or Temeria? (Roche’s path) Decision: Will you go with Roche to save Anaïs, or alone to save Triss? Consequences: If you choose to help Roche, you will attack the Kaedweni camp where you kill Dethmold and save Anaïs. Letho rescues Triss, who will be with him when you meet during the epilogue.

Who is Ciri’s father?

It could be these mysterious rituals which prevent Witchers from fathering children. Ciri’s parents are Duny, the Urcheon of Erlenwald (Bart Edwards) and Pavetta of Cintra (Gaia Mondadori). During a betrothal ceremony to pick a partner to marry Pavetta, Duny interrupts the ceremony to declare his love for her.

Is there a problem with the Vizima confidential quest?

If you’re having some OTHER problem with the Vizima Confidential quest, you should post a question about it in the Chapter 2 section of the TW1 subforum, as usual.

Who are the main characters in Vizima confidential?

Kalkstein, an alchemist Geralt has met before in the Outskirts. Declan Leuvaarden, a rich merchant from Nilfgaard. Ramsmeat, the local kingpin of the underworld. Thaler, a fence who also is the living embodiment of foul language. Vincent Meis, the captain of the City Guard. Golan Vivaldi, a dwarven banker.

Who is Raymond Maarloeve in Vizima confidential?

In this quest, with the help of the local private investigator Raymond Maarloeve, Geralt will need to indulge himself in a lot of investigative works to hopefully uncover the real identity of the man behind local Salamandra activities, as well as unearthing the truth regarding the possible collaboration with Salamandra for a total of 6 suspects:

Who is the witcher in Vizima confidential Chapter 2?

Depending on whether did he learn the “Grand Truth”, the witcher emerges either as the intellectual superior who sees through his opponent’s every scheme, or the utter fool who has been duped to the very end. As the quest comes to an end, Chapter II of the story concludes as well.