How do I return an Autopass in Singapore?

You can get a refund for the unused value in your Autopass Card by submitting a refund application at our LTA VEP/toll office at Tuas or Woodlands Checkpoint. Submit the Autopass Card together with the refund application form (PDF, 61kB) and a copy of the refund applicant’s passport or NRIC.

Can you use Autopass cash card?

Autopass Card is a stored-value smart card for paying VEP fees, toll charges and ERP fees in Singapore. It can also act as a NETS CashCard (chip version) or NETS FlashPay card (contactless version) for all NETS retail transactions, and paying carparks that use the Electronic Parking System.

How do I get Autopass?

Get a tag and an agreement A valid AutoPASS agreement and a tag in your vehicle will give you a discount at all toll stations marked “AutoPASS”. Contact a toll service provider to get an AutoPASS toll tag and enter into an agreement. The AutoPASS tag will arrive by post.

How much does it cost to enter Singapore by car?

1. SGD$6.40 (RM20) entry fee for foreign-registered car starting on 15 February 2017 when enter Singapore either Woodlands or Tuas Checkpoints. 2. RM20 (SGD$6.60) entry fee for Singapore vehicles starting on 1 November 2016 when enter Malaysia either via Johor Bahru or Second Link Checkpoints.

What is Cash Card in Singapore?

Similar to the previous generation CashCard, it is a stored-value card for Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) and car park payments. Alternatively, you can also top up the card at DBS, POSB, OCBC or UOB Automated Teller Machines, as well as NETS Top-Up Machines located at all car parks.

How much is a cash card in Singapore?

Each card is sold at $10 (inclusive of $5 stored value) at convenience stores and other outlets. The cost of the card is $5 and is non-refundable.

How do I use NETSPay?

Simply open the NETSPay app, select “Scan Code”, scan the NETS QR code and payment is done. If NETSPay is your default payment app: Simply unlock your phone, tap on the terminal and payment is done!

What does Auto Pass mean?

electronic toll collection system
Autopass (stylized autoPASS) is an electronic toll collection system used in Norway. It allows collecting road tolls automatically from cars. It uses electronic radio transmitters and receivers operating at 5.8 GHz (MD5885) originally supplied by the Norwegian companies Q-Free and Fenrits.

What cars are not allowed in Singapore?

​8 Vehicle Modifications That Are Not Allowed in Singapore

  • Chassis Modifications. (Photo Credit: Auto Press Releases)
  • Crash Bars. (Photo Credit: Toyota)
  • Air Horns.
  • Decorative Lamps and Neon Lights.
  • Head Lamp Modifications.
  • Engine Modifications that Increase its Capacity.
  • Nitrous Oxide Engine and Injectors.
  • Tow Hooks.

Where to apply for an Autopass Card in Singapore?

If you already have a PSVP and are applying for an Autopass Card (e.g. to replace a lost, damaged, or expired Autopass Card), you can do so at the Tuas or Woodlands Checkpoint. Bring along: A completed application form. Your original vehicle ownership certificate.

How long does it take to register a car in Singapore?

When driving your vehicle into Singapore via Tuas or Woodlands Checkpoint, insert your Autopass Card into the card reader at the immigration booth to validate your entry. Your entry and exit fees and charges will be deducted from your Autopass Card when you exit Singapore. VEPs have validity period of 14 days.

How does AutoPass for tire and service centers work?

Use your card today and enjoy all the benefits! With the AutoPass for Tire & Service Centers credit card, you have access to tire and special service offers, a competitive APR, and more. CFNA offers generous credit limits and special financing on all purchases $149 and up.

How can I top up my Autopass Card?

Your Autopass Card can be topped up to a maximum of $500. You can top up your card in the following ways: For NETS FlashPay card: NETS FlashPay Reader App on Android smartphones with near-field communication (NFC) capability (maximum top-up is $50 per transaction).