How do I look up a building permit in Florida?

To check the status of a Building permit, select the “Online Permit System” button below. Then, from the homepage, select Advanced Search – Search Records/Applications – Building. (If you are looking for a permit for a different department, select the appropriate department).

How much is a building permit in Mecklenburg County?

The base permit fee is $60.00 per trade involved (building, electrical, mechanical, plumbing). The plan review fee (if required) is $45.00 per trade involved. Inspection requests are submitted through the Homeowner Dashboard only. Inspection fee per visit is $45.00.

Do I need a permit for a deck in Mecklenburg County?

Do I need a permit to build a deck on my house? Yes. All Decks no matter the size, need to be inspected for foot- ing size and depth, girder and joist spans, attachments, and railing requirements.

How to get a permit in Mecklenburg County?

Consult our Customer Information & Resource Center ( link ) for assistance at 980-314-CODE (follow prompts for technical assistance on residential projects). Help with residential projects — enter 2, then 1, then 1, then 4. Help with commercial projects — enter 2, then 1, then 1 again, then 3.

How can I find out what type of permit I have?

Permits Issued for a SPECIFIC TYPE OF PERMIT FOR A SPECIFIC CONTRACTOR: Select contractor’s name from the dropdown, you can also type the contractor name in search icon of Contractor dropdown and the name will appear. Select the contractor name, select a PERMIT TYPE, and click the Search button.

Is there a permit center in Palm Beach County?

The Permit Center is intended to be a full service facility for permitting building construction in the unincorporated area of Palm Beach County. The regulatory programs of the individual agencies that comprise the Center are limited only to those affecting the issuance of building permits.

How to fix webpermit 7.3 error Mecklenburg County NC?

1. Enter only the first number or two of the Street Number. 2. Enter only the first few letters of the Street Name. 3. Leave the city blank, or try a different City if no results are found for the selected City.