Are cast iron baseboards good?

Cast iron baseboard holds the heat for several hours after the heating system has shut down still giving back to the homeowner. Cast iron is aesthetically pleasing. You screw it to the wall, paint it and it blends in beautifully with the wall and trim. Properly painted cast iron does not rust in bathrooms.

Can you mix cast iron radiator with baseboard?

You are making a very common mistake by being concerned about the type of emmitters before other things. Baseboard & cast iron radiators should not be mixed on the the same loop.

How do cast iron baseboard radiators work?

Cast iron responds to very low supply temperatures providing constant heat at low outputs. It benefits the condensing boiler by allowing it to run at its lowest firing rate, giving homeowners the lowest possible fuel bills. As their name implies, radiators deliver heat in the form of radiant energy.

What kind of paint do you use on cast iron baseboards?

Coat the cast iron baseboard with gloss latex paint, using the clean soft-bristled polyester brush.

How do you remove a cast iron baseboard heater?


  1. Shut of the power to your cast iron baseboard heater.
  2. Remove the screws from the covers at each end of the metal trim.
  3. Use the tip of your screwdriver to pop the metal trim off of the wall clips holding it to the cast iron heating unit and remove the trim from the unit.

Do cast iron radiators go bad?

Yes, all Cast Iron radiators of all designs are guaranteed for 10 years. However, our Cast Iron Radiators are made using traditional techniques and as long as they are looked after should last a lifetime.

Do hydronic baseboard heaters use electricity?

Inside the heater’s aluminum housing is a metal heating element. Electricity runs through the element, which generates heat. Around the element are fins that spread the heat throughout the room. Some units include a thermostat directly on the baseboard, while others are controlled by a wall-mounted thermostat.

What can I replace cast iron radiators with?

While cast iron tends to heat slowly and to release heat just as slowly, aluminum is a material that heats up very quickly and that cools quickly. Aluminum radiators are a cheaper solution than cast iron ones, and are far lighter.

How do you paint cast iron baseboards?

Painting cast iron is a slightly more involved process than painting wood or a wall, but following the right steps makes it much easier. First, scrape off any previous paint and rust so you have a clean surface to paint on. Then apply an oil-based primer and 2 coats of oil-based paint for the best results.

How do you clean a cast iron baseboard heater?

Gently spray water through the top openings of the baseboard. This would be a two-person job. Good luck. You could try to brush them out using a small bottle brush with a flexible metal handle.

How efficient are cast iron radiators?

Cast iron radiators are energy efficient radiators and a good energy saving radiator choice. Cast iron is far denser and heavier than steel, so the cast iron holds the heat for a far longer length of time once your boiler has been switched off.

Are baseboard heaters effective?

Baseboard heating can be an effective and affordable solution, either for the whole house or as a supplement in rooms underserved by the main heating system. Technically speaking, electricity plays a role in all baseboard heating systems, but there are some that run exclusively on electricity.

How do cast iron heating radiators work?

Cast iron radiators have multiple loops while baseboard heaters have fins which are attached to the pipe through which the steam circulates. These loops and fins maximize the amount of surface area from which heat can radiate.

What is a baseboard heating system?

Baseboard heating is a system that uses hot water heated by a boiler to heat a space through a combination of convection and radiation.