Are Cadbury white chocolate mini eggs discontinued?

Thank you for reaching out to us about our CADBURY White Mini Eggs. We’re very sorry to share that the product is no longer manufactured for sale. We have always been grateful for loyal consumers like you, which is why we hope you still give some of our Cadbury products a try.

Can you still get Cadbury miniatures?

@Li_Wolfe Sadly the Dairy Milk miniatures have been discontinued but can still be found here: …

When can you buy Cadbury Mini Eggs?

1. There’s Only One Time Of Year You Can Get Them. Like Cadbury creme eggs, the mini eggs are only available during Easter which is good for your diet, but bad for your happiness over all.

Do they make white chocolate Cadbury eggs?

Cadbury has created an elaborate Easter egg hunt for its popular white chocolate Creme Eggs. The white chocolate Cadbury Creme Eggs will be making a comeback in 2019, but there’s one tiny catch—you have to find ’em first!

What happens if you find a white creme egg?

6. HOW TO CLAIM: If on opening your egg, you find that you have found one of the white chocolate eggs, then call the phone number (office hours) that will be printed on the voucher that is under the foil on winning unit to find out and claim your prize. A unique code and the prize are printed on the voucher.

Has the White Creme Egg been found?

The first white Cadbury Creme Egg has been found by a nursery manager from Luton. She has won herself £1000, but the hunt continues for hundreds more around the country. Natasha Bream, 30, revealed that she discovered the prized confectionary item on her lunch break at a Tesco Express in her home town.

What products do Cadbury sell?

Its products include Cadbury Dairy Milk, Dairy Milk Silk, Bournville, Temptations, Perk, Eclairs, Bournvita, Celebrations, Gems, Bubbaloo, Cadbury Dairy Milk Shots, Toblerone, Halls, Bilkul, Tang, and Oreo. It is the market leader in the chocolate confectionery business with a market share of over 70%.

What products does Cadbury offer?

Bags, Boxes and Rolls

  • Bitsa Wispa.
  • Boost Bites.
  • Bournville Giant Buttons.
  • Cadbury White Freddo Treasures.
  • Crunchie Rocks.
  • Crunchie Treat Size.
  • Curly Wurly Squirlies.
  • Dairy Milk Buttons.

Why are Cadbury Eggs illegal?

The ban effectively is this: Because Hershey’s has permission to manufacture and package its own version of Cadbury candies, albeit with a different recipe, the U.S. candy company did not want British importers to compete with their American-born-and-bred renditions of the British classics.

Does Costco sell Cadbury Mini Eggs?

Cadbury Mini Eggs Chocolate Candy, 24 × 33 g | Costco.

Has anyone ever found a white creme egg?

Natasha Bream, 30, from Luton has become the first person to find a white Cadbury Creme egg. There are still over 370 eggs left to be found. A NURSERY manager from Luton has become the first person to find a white Cadbury Creme Egg, scooping a £1,000 prize.

Did anyone find a white creme egg?

There were just 371 of the eggs spread out across various shops, and the top prize egg – which would win the owner £2,000 – was in a branch of Co-Op. But according to the confectioners, no one ever found the egg and claimed the £2,000.