Who won Worlds 2015 LOL?

SK Telecom T1
2015 League of Legends World Championship

Tournament information
Purse $2,130,000 USD (€1,907,194.31)
Final positions
Champion SK Telecom T1 (2nd title)
Runner-up KOO Tigers

Which IEM did TSM win?

Last night, North American squad Team SoloMid won its first international title in years, defeating China’s World Elite in stunning fashion and going 3-0 in the Grand Finals of the Intel Extreme Masters (IEM) World Championship in Katowice, Poland.

What season is 2015 lol?

Season Five (2015) is the fifth ranked season in League of Legends. Season 2015 started on November 20, 2014 with its preseason by two patch V4. 20 and V4. 21 and ended on November 11, 2015 with the last patch being V5.

When did TSM win the League of Legends World Championship?

On March 15, 2015, TSM’s League of Legends team won their first Intel Extreme Masters World Championship in Katowice, Poland.

Where does TSM rank in League of Legends?

First-place titles included IPL 4, MLG Anaheim, IPL Face Off:San Francisco, and the GIGABYTE Esports LAN. TSM accrued by far the most circuit points out of any North American team, and so received the top seed to the season 2 regional final, which they won.

When did TSM FTX start League of Legends?

Since June 2021, the organization has been known as TSM FTX in non-Riot Games esports, but is not permitted to use that name in League of Legends or VALORANT due to sponsorship restrictions. The team was first seen in early 2011 after being formed to participate in the Riot Season 1 Championship later that year.

How many splits has TSM won in League of Legends?

TSM’s League of Legends team has won six of the total ten splits of the North American League of Legends Championship Series (LCS).