Who was Alice Branning in EastEnders?

Jasmyn BanksEastEnders
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Alice Branning is a fictional character from the BBC soap opera EastEnders, played by Jasmyn Banks. Alice is the daughter of Derek Branning (Jamie Foreman). She made her first appearance on 10 May 2012.

What happened to Alice Branning in EastEnders?

Taking her under his wing, Alice became caught up in Michael and Janine’s messy relationship, and soon found herself in prison following his death. Taking her lawyer’s advice, Alice decided to plead guilty, but was later found innocent. Played by Jasmyn Banks.

Is Joey Branning coming back to EastEnders?

The 27-year-old actor admitted it would be “hard” to turn down the chance of rejoining the soap as Joey Branning, almost five years after his departure, though he’d have to pile on the pounds to take on the role again. Asked if he’d go back to ‘EastEnders’, he said: “Yeah, of course.

Who killed Michael Moon?

Michael’s last episode is on 1 November 2013, when Michael is murdered by Janine.

Why did Joey Branning leave EastEnders?

Joey Branning is a fictional character from the BBC soap opera EastEnders, played by David Witts. In October 2013, it was announced that Witts had decided to leave the show. The door was left open for a possible return for the character, and Joey left Albert Square to live with his mother on 26 December 2013.

Is Grant coming back to EastEnders 2020?

Like the My EastEnders Fans page Dominic added: “Grant Mitchell is an EastEnders legend and finally he is returning home to Walford to say goodbye to his mother and be reunited not just with his old loves but also his brother.

Who is Baby Abby’s dad on EastEnders?

Steven Beale
Abi Branning is the daughter of Abi Branning and Steven Beale. She is the legal daughter of her grandfather, Max Branning and her great-aunt, Rainie Highway as both of her parents are deceased.

Does Janine Butcher have a child?

Janine is torn between the two but eventually agrees to cancel the pre-nup; Janine and Michael marry but she goes into labour 11 weeks early at the wedding reception. At the hospital, Janine undergoes a cesarean and her daughter is put into an incubator, which distresses Janine, who wants to see her.

Who is the father of Janine Butcher’s baby?

For a while it looked like she had found contentment with husband and father of her little girl Scarlett, Michael Moon, but the stress of parenthood made Janine increasingly paranoid about Michael’s true intentions. This lead to Janine fleeing The Square, leaving Michael holding the baby.

How is Max Branning related to Tiffany?

Since then, all six of Jim’s children have appeared, many of them with family. As of May 2021, the remaining Brannings consist of Jim’s youngest son, Jack; Jack’s children Amy and Ricky, Max’s granddaughter Abi Branning, Carol’s daughter Sonia, Bianca’s daughter Tiffany and ward Whitney.

How rich is Ross Kemp?

Ross Kemp net worth and salary: Ross Kemp is an English actor, author, and journalist who has a net worth of $1.5 million dollars. Ross Kemp was born in Barking, London, England, and began his on-camera career in the 80s, appearing in various television commercials, and then moving on to television work.

Is Phil Mitchell still in EastEnders?

Phillip “Phil” Mitchell is a fictional character from the BBC soap opera EastEnders, played by Steve McFadden. McFadden temporarily left the series in late 2003, then returned in April 2005 for a brief appearance before making a permanent return in October 2005.

Who is the actor who plays Joey in EastEnders?

Joey Branning, played by David Witts, is the estranged son and eldest child of Derek Branning (Jamie Foreman), and the brother of Alice Branning (Jasmyn Banks). He made his first appearance in the episode broadcast on 22 June.

Who is the father of Alice in EastEnders?

Alice Branning is the daughter of Derek Branning and sister of Joey . Alice first appears following Derek Branning around Walford, unnerving him. When he furiously confronts her, accusing her of being a police officer, she says she is his daughter before hurriedly fleeing.

Why was Alice so angry at Joey Branning?

However, Alice is just angry at Joey for ruining her day. He later helps Lucy when she is being pestered by someone, and they end up kissing. Joey manages to con Derek out of more money for Lucy, and she invites him to stay with her. When Derek gains ownership of the emporium, he gives it to Joey.

Why did Alice help Michael kill Janine in EastEnders?

Alice disappears but returns to tell Michael that she considered telling the police, but could not stop thinking about him and Scarlett, and does not want Scarlett to be without her father, so agrees to help him kill Janine. Michael invites Janine out so that Alice can babysit, giving her an opportunity to put the pills in Janine’s drink.