Who is the killer in the lying game?

Ethan Landry
Ethan Landry is the murderer of Sutton Mercer and Nisha Banerjee. It is revealed that he was so in love with Sutton that he would do anything for her such as trying to find her birth mother….Ethan Landry (Book character)

Ethan Landry
First appearance: The Lying Game

What is the ending of The Lying Game?

Emma (Finally) Chooses Between Ethan & Thayer After a season and a half of emotional ping-ponging, Emma finally chose between the two men in her life. Thayer forced her to make a decision, but unfortunately for him, she chose Ethan (Blair Redford). “It’s always been you,” she told him.

Do Ethan and Emma end up together in the lying game?

Emma and Ethan have a spark and slowly develop feelings for eachother until at Homecoming Ethan kisses Emma. When she returns she causes Emma and Ethan to break up near the end of the season after Ethan lied about him kissing her and Emma realizing he will always have something for her.

Who does Emma end up with in the lying game?

In season two Emma is not with Ethan anymore and has developed feelings for Thayer and are spending more time together. Emma and Sutton continues to switch places. In episode Cheat, Play, Lie Emma and Thayer kiss and are officially a couple.

Who does Ethan Whitehorse end up with?

His mom, like Thayer and Mads mom, left him with his father. Ethan falls in love with Sutton when she lets her guard down and does not play any Lying Games. In the finale of Season Two, he forgives Sutton for putting him through what she has put him through.

Why did char leave The Lying Game?

Rebecca tries to get custody of Char, so she can stay in Phoenix, but it was ultimately Char’s father’s decision. Char moves away to live with her dad. recital completely and her mother is more unhappy than she is. To punish Char, her mother gets drunk, so her mom couldn’t take her to the father daughter dance.

Why did they stop The Lying Game?

Unfortunately, ABC Family has decided not to bring us back for a third season. We so wanted to do 10 more for you guys! ABC Family took a wait-and-see approach to renewing both shows, opting to weigh the numbers for new series The Fosters and Twisted.

Did Emma and Ethan ever date?

For years, fans of YouTubers Emma Chamberlain and Ethan Dolan looked for every sign and hint that the two were dating. The pair used to be BFFs and made a ton of videos together, but it was never confirmed whether or not they were just friends or something more.

Why did char leave the lying game?

Did Ethan and Emma date?

July 20, 2020: The Dolan Twins decided to set some records straight and address assumptions about them in a YouTube video. One of the assumptions was that Ethan Dolan was in a committed relationship. Without skipping a beat, Ethan answered, “yes,” confirming that he is seriously dating someone.

Who broke into Sutton’s house?

Several important events have taken place at the Mercer House: Sutton’s laptop was stolen. Emma discovered a photo of the mysterious Annie with Alec and Ted. Travis discovered Emma’s secret and broke in to the house.

Are they really twins on The Lying Game?

Identical twins meet as teenagers after Sutton was adopted by a rich couple and Emma grew up a foster kid. Sutton investigates their bio mom etc., while Emma takes her place/identity. Identical twins meet as teenagers after Sutton was adopted by a rich couple and Emma grew up a foster kid.