Which tikona plan is best?

30 Mbps. ” 399. Installation charges: Rs 500.

  • 30 Mbps. ” 399. Subscription Amount: Rs 2825.
  • 30 Mbps. ” 399. Per 12 months.
  • 40 Mbps. ” 499. Installation charges: Rs 1000.
  • 40 Mbps. ” 499. Installation charges: Rs 500.
  • 40 Mbps. ” 499. Subscription Amount: Rs 3533.
  • 40 Mbps. ” 499. Per 12 Months.
  • 60 Mbps. ” 599. Installation charges: Rs 1000.
  • Is tikona internet good?

    Tikona has always given me a good and uninterrupted service. Even now, during heavy rains, my internet connection has been good and I’ve faced no issues. So I had to call the customer care of tikona broadband to notify them about the problems I was facing with the router which was at my home.

    Which is the best Internet provider in Zimbabwe?

    With Satellite Broadband from TelOne, there is no reason not to get connected. As the best Internet Service Provider in Zimbabwe, whatever your requirements and wherever you are, we have a package at a price that will suit you.

    Which WIFI is best in Virar West?

    Wifi Internet Service Providers Virar West , Mumbai

    • V R Internet Service Provider.
    • Sumit Internet Services Provider.
    • Shiv Gautam Telecom.
    • Rahul Internet Service Provider.
    • Tikona Broadband Wifi Internet Service Provider. 4.5.
    • Tikona Broadband Wifi Internet Service Provider In Virar East. 3.9.
    • V. Purushottam.
    • Raj Internet Wifi. 3.5.

    Does tikona provide WIFI router?

    You’ve opted for one of the best high speed internet providers in India & the world’s largest outdoor Wi-Fi network built using eco-friendly small cell technologies. If you are opting of a new Tikona Home Broadband connection, you can ask the installation engineer to help you setup your Wi-Fi router.

    Why is tikona slow?

    Power Cycling or Hard Rebooting (Commonly known as Rebooting) your home Wi-Fi router can fix Internet connection, improve slow connections and resolve wireless issues. How to Power Cycle / Hard reboot your Wi-Fi Router: Switch-ON Power supply to Wi-Fi router. Some Lights should be back-ON on the Router.

    How does tikona broadband work?

    In this case, Tikona Secured Wireless Broadband CPE will act as a Router and allow PCs in office to connect to the Internet. Laptops can directly connect wirelessly to Tikona Secured Wireless Broadband CPE and Desktops can connect through Ethernet via LAN switch.

    What is the fastest WIFI in Zimbabwe?

    This newest edition to the debate comes courtesy of SpeedChecker, which is an Irish-based Internet think tank and their study has found that Econet Wireless Zimbabwe has the fastest internet speeds in the country.

    Which is the fastest network in Zimbabwe?

    Econet Wireless Zimbabwe has the fastest mobile data speed in the country, according to a report released by SpeedChecker, a global Internet research think-tank.

    Which is best mobile network in Virar?

    Mobile Phone Service Providers Virar East , Mumbai

    • Airtel Gallery. 3.9. 170 Ratings.
    • Idea Cellular Store. 4.1. 105 Ratings.
    • BSNL. 4.0. 48 Ratings.
    • Airtel Store. 4.1. 47 Ratings.
    • Maria Infotel. 3.1. 36 Ratings.
    • Vi Mini Store. 4.5. 47 Ratings.
    • Airtel Gallery. 3.8. 563 Ratings.
    • Mittal Enterprise. 4.0. 156 Ratings.

    Is Airtel broadband available in Virar?

    You can connect with any Virar West, Mumbai Airtel internet service providers to get more details on Airtel xstrem fibre broadband connection.

    Which is better Tikona or other broadband providers?

    I personaly use tikona broadband service since last 10 years and I never find any difficulty regarding tikona broadband. tikona’s download & upload speed is better than any other service provider. tikona broadband team setup broadband connection on same day we applied and its connection reliability is very good.

    Are there any problems I face with Tikona?

    If any problem I face of tikona they fastly tries to resolve that problem. In they also takes feedbackof the user to know the service of their internet. But sometime it faces problem in speed of internet. but they fastly clear that by service. Thank You! We appreciate your effort.

    Which is the best plan for Tikona WiBro?

    I took Tikona broadband on 11 Feb 2021. Since then I might have made at least 15 calls to customer care with issues of low speed ranging 12 to 17mbps Only against my plan of 60mbps with 1000 GB data per month & very often issues like No Internet. Wrote two mails to CEO – Mr Prakash Bajpai also but in no vain.

    Do you have to pay for Tikona service demo?

    The authorised Tikona representative will visit subscriber’s premises by appointment to provide a service demo. You are required to pay “Subscription Amount” as mentioned in the plan details to the authorized Tikona installation representative post successful service demo at the installation location.