Which is the best tuning fork for beginners?

The best tuning forks for beginners are the Body Tuners™ (set) and the Otto 128™. These tuning forks can be used for most healing applications and learning to use them will make advanced applications of tuning forks easier to master. Body Tuner The Body Tuner set consists of two tuning forks, a C 256

What kind of metal are tuning forks made of?

We carry over 100 tuning forks and sets, in both standard & weighted. Our forks are made from heat-treated, lead-free, wrought aluminum alloy which has been chosen for its strength, light weight, and superior conductivity of sound waves.

Why do you need acutonics tuning fork set?

Specific uses for each tuning fork set are covered in the in-depth Acutonics Certification Program. They are color coded for ease of use, manufactured in the United States of a proprietary custom material, and sustain a long tone when activated. They are also extremely accurate, which is key to any research.

What is the Hz of a tuning fork?

There are many ways people use tuning forks and many belief systems that go into using them, utilizing a variety of hz values, for example: 432hz, 444hz, 111hz, 136.1hz, 128hz or 528hz.

Why do you use tuning forks instead of needles?

This is a system of healing that uses tuning forks instead of needles on acupuncture points. It focuses on placing the forks on points of the meridian system of the body. The frequencies of these forks are derived from the harmonics of the orbits of the Earth, Moon, Sun and planets.

How often should you use sonic slider tuning fork?

No batteries, chemicals or subscriptions required – just an easy-to-use tuning fork with a frequency that produces noticeable changes quickly. The more you use it, the greater the results. We recommend using the Sonic Slider for a minimum of five minutes twice a day.