Which GHD straightener is the best?

Best ghd hair straighteners: our verdict

  1. ghd Platinum+ Best ghd straightener overall.
  2. ghd Original IV. Bestselling ghd straightener.
  3. ghd Gold. Best GHD straightener for curling and waving hair.
  4. ghd Max. Best ghd straightener for thick or long hair.
  5. ghd Mini. Best ghd straightener for short hair, bangs, and quick touch-ups.

Do hairdressers sell GHD straighteners?

Their straighteners, hair dryers and curlers are now a staple for hairdressing professionals worldwide. Ensure your clients have a good hair day and shop the ghd range today!

Do ghd make cordless straighteners?

ghd’s 1st cordless straightener, for styling on the go. Introducing ghd’s 1st cordless styler. Harness the power and performance of a regular ghd styler with the ghd unplugged portable hair straightener to top up your style wherever you are; the ultimate top-up tool.

Are GHDS made in China?

Turns out ALL the ghd stylers are now made in China !!! New GHD products feature a product information sticker located on the inside arm. This also includes a date code that can be entered into the GHD website to register the styler and check authenticity.

Which is the best GHD hair straightener to buy?

All Hair Straighteners ghd platinum+ ghd unplugged in black ghd unplugged in white ghd gold® ghd original IV ghd max ghd mini Limited Edition Hair Straighteners ghd platinum+ in ombre chrome ghd gold® in ombre chrome Can’t Decide? Shop best sellers Discover ghd unplugged Discover ghd max Discover hair straighteners Compare hair straighteners

What kind of hair dryer does GHD air use?

All Hair Dryers ghd air® professional hair dryer ghd flight® travel hair dryer ghd air® hair drying kit ghd flight® travel hair dryer gift set ghd helios™ hair dryer ghd helios™ in ombre chrome ghd helios™ in black ghd helios™ in white ghd helios™ in plum ghd helios™ in ink blue Discover ghd helios™ Hair Dryer Accessories

Where to buy a GHD in the UK?

I bought GHDs from a salon called Luce and Pace on Jumeriah Beach Road for roughly the same price as in the UK….2 months later they broke. I contacted GHD directly and it turns out they were COUNTERFEIT!!!

What are the different types of GHD hair wands?

Hair Curlers Hair Wands ghd curve® creative curl ghd curve® classic wave Hair Tongs ghd curve® soft curl ghd curve® classic curl ghd oracle Discover oracle Can’t Decide? All hair curlers Compare hair curlers eGift cards Hair Styling Products All Hair Products Heat protection products Restore & protect products Hairspray products Curly hair products