When was cabin pressure recorded?

Cabin Pressure (radio series)

Cover of the complete CD collection of Cabin Pressure, depicting cast. Left-to-right: John Finnemore, Roger Allam, Stephanie Cole and Benedict Cumberbatch.
Genre Sitcom
Produced by David Tyler
Recording studio RADA Studios
Original release 2 July 2008 – 24 December 2014

Is cabin pressure on BBC sounds?

BBC Sounds – Cabin Pressure – Available Episodes.

Who is first officer in Roger Allam’s cabin pressure?

Stephanie Cole plays Carolyn Knapp-Shappey, formidable owner of a one-plane airline. Benedict Cumberbatch is the sole Captain, Roger Allam as First Officer provides a one-man masterclass in timing and Finnemore himself plays the owner’s cheerfully hapless son.

Who are the actors in the radio series cabin pressure?

It follows the exploits of the eccentric crew of the single aeroplane owned by “MJN Air” as they are chartered to take all manner of items, people or animals across the world. The show stars Finnemore, Stephanie Cole, Roger Allam and Benedict Cumberbatch. The series was first broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in 2008.

Who was Roger Allam in the thick of it?

The Thick of It star and general all-round acting master Roger Allam plays the irritable Douglas Richardson, a decent pilot who was fired from Air England due to smuggling. (…) However, it is Allam’s Douglas that is possibly the best character of all.

Who was Roger Allam in La Cage aux Folles?

In 2008, Allam played the role of Max Reinhardt, the Salzburg Festival impresario in Michael Frayn’s play Afterlife, the production staged by Michael Blakemore on the National Theatre’s Lyttelton stage. In 2009, Allam played Albin/Zaza in La Cage aux Folles at the Playhouse in London.