What is the working of solar cooker?

Solar cooker works on the principle that sunlight warms the pot, which is used for cooking the food. Now, this warming of the pot occurs by converting light energy to heat energy. Concave mirrors are used in these types of cookers because these mirrors reflect sunlight into a single focal point.

What is solar cooker PPT?

COOKING PRINCIPLE  Solar cookers are passive solar devices.  Sunlight is converted to heat energy which is retained for cooking.  Solar cookers utilizes the simple principles of reflection, concentration, absorption and greenhouse effect to convert sunlight to heat energy.

What is solar cooker explain its working with diagram?

A mirror, black box and glass lid are required to construct a solar cooker.. The mirror is mounted on the box to concentrate light rays onto the cooker box. The box is painted back from the inside to absorb the maximum light. It is covered with a glass lid to produce a greenhouse effect inside it.

What is the construction of solar cooker?

A solar cooker consists of an insulated metal box or wooden box which is painted all black from inside. There is a thick glass sheet cover over the box and a plane mirror reflector is also attached to the box.

What is the price of solar cooker?

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What are the components of a solar cooker?

Important parts of a box type solar cooker

  • Outer Box: The outer box of a solar cooker is generally made of G.I. or aluminum sheet or fibre reinforced plastic.
  • Inner Cooking Box (Tray) : This is made from aluminum sheet.
  • Double Glass Lid: A double glass lid covers the inner box or tray.

Can we use solar cooker at night?

The solar cooker only works for a few hours in the middle of a sunny day, but not at night or in the mornings when people actually want to cook. People should be able to cook indoors, sitting down. The stove top temperature should be about 200ºC, with heat delivered at approximately 1 KW to the cook surface.

How does a solar cooker work for cooking?

A mirror surface with high specular reflection is used to concentrate and channelise light from the sun into a small cooking space. The sunlight can be concentrated by several orders of magnitude, producing magnitudes high enough to melt salt and metal. For household solar cooking applications, such high temperatures are not required.

Which is the best seminar for solar cooker?

1. SEMINAR PRESENTATION ON SOLAR COOKER Session:2018-2019 Presented by: Presented to: Maga Ram Patel Dr. Surendra Kothari DEPARTMENT OF RENEWABLE ENERGY ENGINEERING College of Technology and Engineering Maharana Pratap University of Agriculture and Technology Udaipur – 313001 2.

How does thermodynamics relate to solar cooking?

According to NASA, thermodynamics is “the study of the effects of work, heat, and energy on a system.” These principles are fundamental to successful solar cooking. The primary and most powerful aspect of the sun for cooking is via radiation.

What are the disadvantages of a solar cooker?

DISADVANTAGE:  One has to cook according to the sunshine, the menu has to be preplanned.  One can not cook at short notice and food can not be cooked in night or over, cloudy days.  It takes comparatively more time.  Chapaties are not cooked because high temperature for baking required and also needs manipulation at the time of baking. 12.