What is the significance of identifying a two-vessel umbilical cord?

One artery can support a pregnancy and does not necessarily indicate problems. For the other 25%, a 2-vessel cord is a sign that the baby has other abnormalities—sometimes life-threatening and sometimes not.

What is the significance of the presence of a single umbilical artery in the umbilical cord?

A single umbilical artery (SUA) is a malformation of the umbilical cord where only one artery instead of two is present. It may be associated with other birth defects. The pathogenesis of an SUA is thought to be secondary to vessel atrophy of a previously normal cord in the mid trimester.

Can single umbilical artery affect baby after birth?

Your baby is likely to be fine. Having only one artery, called a single umbilical artery (SUA), shouldn’t affect his health. Usually, an umbilical cord has two arteries, along with a single vein. The vein carries oxygen and nutrients to your baby, and the arteries remove waste products.

Does sua cause stillbirth?

GROWTH. SUA has been linked to an increased risk of growth restriction, stillbirth, and preterm birth. This association has primarily been reported in fetuses with other congenital anomalies.

What is the function of the umbilical artery?

The umbilical arteries are actually the latter of the internal iliac arteries (anterior division of) that supply the hind limbs with blood and nutrients in the fetus.

What is a three vessel cord?

The umbilical cord is the connection between your baby and the placenta. A normal umbilical cord has two arteries and one vein, this is known as a three vessel cord. It is covered by a thick gelatinous substance known as Wharton’s Jelly. The vein brings in oxygen and nutrients to the baby from the mother.

What is a 2 vessel cord in pregnancy?

A two-vessel umbilical cord could be a sign of birth defects in the heart. An umbilical cord is a thick, blood-rich cord that connects a baby to its mother during the gestation process. Most babies with a single umbilical artery are born without complications. A two vessel umbilical cord is usually harmless to both mother and babies.