What is the most common cardiomyopathy?

Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy is thought to be the most common inherited or genetic heart disease. While this type of cardiomyopathy occurs at many ages, in children and young adults with this condition there may be no symptoms, yet they are at high risk of sudden cardiac death.

What are the 5 main types of cardiomyopathy?

The main types of cardiomyopathy are: Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM) Restrictive cardiomyopathy (RCM) Left Ventricular Non-compaction (LVNC) Arrhythmogenic Right Ventricular Dysplasia (ARVD)

Where is ischemic heart disease most common?

For this reason, ischemic heart disease occurs most frequently in people who have atherosclerosis (buildup of plaque on the walls of the coronary arteries), blood clots, coronary artery spasm, or severe illnesses that increase the heart’s need for oxygen.

What is the number one cause of ischemic heart disease?

A buildup of fatty plaques in your arteries (atherosclerosis) is the most common cause of coronary artery disease.

How long can you live with myocardial ischemia?

About 68.4 per cent males and 89.8 per cent females still living have already lived 10 to 14 years or longer after their first infarction attack; 27.3 per cent males, 15 to 19 years; and 4.3 per cent, 20 years or longer; of the females, one is alive 15 years, one 23 years and one 25 years or longer.

Can you have ischemic cardiomyopathy with no symptoms?

It’s possible to have early-stage heart disease with no symptoms. If blood flow becomes impaired due to coronary artery disease, you may experience: If you develop these symptoms, seek medical care immediately. What causes ischemic cardiomyopathy? IC is typically caused by a heart attack or coronary artery disease.

Who is most at risk for ischemic cardiomyopathy?

IC is typically caused by a heart attack or coronary artery disease. Risk factors for these conditions include: You’re more likely to develop coronary artery disease if you’re a man, but after women reach menopause, the gap between the two genders tends to close.

How many people are affected by cardiomyopathy in the UK?

Cardiomyopathy can affect anyone, at any age. It is thought to affect around 160,000 people in the UK, which is around 1 in 500 people. Cardiomyopathy affects the muscle of the heart. It can affect the shape of the heart, or the size and thickness of the muscle walls.

What is the treatment for ischemic cardiomyopathy ( IC )?

Your doctor’s prescribed treatment plan will take into account how much damage your heart has sustained while aiming to treat the underlying cause of your IC, to prevent further disease progression, to help improve your cardiovascular function, and to treat any associated symptoms.