What is the best punk rock?

10 Of The Best Punk Bands Of All Time

  • Ramones.
  • Black Flag.
  • IDLES.
  • Sex Pistols.
  • Pussy Riot.
  • Green Day.
  • Savages.
  • Misfits. Pioneering the never-returning devilock hairstyle and a horror aesthetic considered campy by modern standards, the Misfits certainly were a sight to behold.

What was the first punk rock song?

Blitzkrieg Bop
The Ramones were not the first punk rock band, but “Blitzkrieg Bop” was the first punk rock song to cement a template—for better or worse.

Who is the father of punk rock?

For more than 50 years, Iggy Pop has cemented his status as the “Godfather of Punk.” The iconic rocker is best known for his wild and often unpredictable on-stage antics.

What is the best punk album ever?

The 50 Best Punk Albums Of All Time Sex Pistols – Never Mind The Bollocks, Here’s The Sex Pistols (1977) Ramones – Ramones (1976) Dead Kennedys – Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables (1980) The Clash – The Clash (1977) The Damned – Damned Damned Damned (1977) Stiff Little Fingers – Inflammable Material (1979) The Stooges – Raw Power (1973) The Stranglers – Rattus Norvegicus (1977)

What is the best punk band ever?

Green Day is easily the best punk band of all time. Jesus of Suburbia is the best song ever. American Idiot is the best album of all time. Milton Keynes was the biggest concert of all time. You have no taste in good music at all if you don’t like this band.

What are the best punk bands of the 90s?

but we think The Offspring gets to be Number One in our list!

  • Bad Religion. The most influential band to come out of the 80s Southern California hardcore-punk scene.
  • Green Day.
  • Nofx.
  • Rancid.
  • Blink 182.
  • Sum 41.
  • Descendents.
  • Jawbreaker.
  • Pennywise.