What is Plushtrap jumpscare?

Plushtrap is a small, greenish, formerly yellow animatronic-plush toy based on Spring Bonnie that bears a resemblance to Springtrap. Plushtrap is an off yellow/green color with darker accents on his belly and in his three-segmented ears.

Is Plushtrap a boy or a girl?


Gender Unisex
PPU Quantity of Units 1 Each
Product Name Arcade Vinyl: FNAF- Plushtrap
Condition New
Size Standard

Who is Plushtrap In five nights at Freddy’s 4?

Plushtrap’s death scream is a higher pitched version of the normal death scream. Plushtrap is the only antagonist in Five Nights at Freddy’s 4 that can jumpscare the player but cannot end their night (if Nightmare Foxy’s “jumpscare” inside the closet is not counted).

How does a jumpscare work in five nights at Freddy’s?

Most of them involve an animatronic appearing in the player’s view in all of the sudden along with a loud noise they emit, startling the player. Half of these jumpscares directly result a game over to restart the level, while few having no mean of harming the player but for distraction.

What’s the difference between Springtrap and Plushtrap In five nights at Freddy’s?

Plushtrap is the only antagonist in Five Nights at Freddy’s 4 to not have the word “Nightmare” in his name. Unlike his animatronic counterpart, Plushtrap has four fingers, while Springtrap has five. This is most likely because Springtrap was a suit designed to be worn by a five-fingered human, whereas Plushtrap is only a plush toy.

How do you win the Plushtrap minigame?

To win the minigame, the player must shine the flashlight when Plushtrap is stopped on the “X”, Plushtrap will then permanently cease moving and the player will be granted a 2-hour bonus for the next night.