What is CRN in Religare?

CRN is a single online back office interface by which you can verify your transactions, account details and all other back office trading reports with a single sign on. A sealed envelope bearing your password for CRN login will be shared with welcome kit.

How can I activate my religare account?

Telephonic request at customer care number (1860-25-88888) through the registered number in Religare records. SMS “ACTIVATE” followed by Client ID to 575758 from registered mobile phone number. Eg : “ACTIVATE XXXXX”.

How do I contact Religare customer care?


  1. 1860-25-88888.
  2. Feedback.

Is religare good for trading?

Religare offers demat account service through NSDL and CDSL. Online Trading though its installable trading terminal, website and mobile trading application are the latest push from the broker to cater do-it-yourself type of customers. Religare offers one of the best online trading platform in India stock market.

How can I check my religare status?

You will find many options on this page, go to ‘Policy Related Request’ and click the ‘Know Your Policy’ option. On the page that opens, enter ‘Policy Number’ and Captcha code, and then click ‘Next’ Now check your Care health insurance policy status from the page that opens next.

Who is the owner of Religare?


Type Public
Industry Financial services
Founders Malvinder Mohan Singh Shivinder Mohan Singh
Headquarters New Delhi , India
Key people Rashmi Saluja (Chairperson)

How can I reactivate my religare trading account?

For equity trading accounts:

  1. Customer Care Desk: You may reactivate your equity trading account executing any one of the following procedure:
  2. At our Branch: You may download and submit duly filled reactivation request letter at the branch along with Self‐attested ID Proof like PAN card copy.

Who owns Religare?

Which is better Zerodha or Religare?

Zerodha is a Discount Broker where Religare Broking is a Full Service Broker. Zerodha is having overall higher rating compare to Religare Broking. Zerodha is rated 4.5 out of 5 where Religare Broking is rated only 3.5 out of 5.

How to fix your brokerage account with Religare?

Enjoy convenient trading though multiple devices- Desktops, Smart phones and Tabs. Now you can fix your brokerage with our Flexi margin plan and enjoy lower brokerage rates on your investments. Get personalized support through Call n Trade, Email and Phone.

Is there anything special about religareonline.com?

Information available can be helpful but there is nothing special about these information as one can get it quite easily from google. The contents will look good enough to attract you but you need to ensure it yourself for the authenticity. The website crashes quite often and will take a considerable time to reload! Thank You!

Is the service of Religare Securities good or bad?

The service of Religare securities is very bad and they are only focussed on earning commissions and not Customer friendly.Please go for better brokerage houses if yr planning to buy shares. Thank You! We appreciate your effort. I have demat accounts with 3 brokerages out of which one is religare.

How often does religareonline.com website crash?

The website crashes quite often and will take a considerable time to reload! Thank You! We appreciate your effort.