What is collection initializer?

Collection initializers let you specify one or more element initializers when you initialize a collection type that implements IEnumerable and has Add with the appropriate signature as an instance method or an extension method. The element initializers can be a simple value, an expression, or an object initializer.

How do you create a list in Visual Basic?


  1. Imports System.Collections.Generic.
  2. Module A_List2.
  3. Sub Main()
  4. Dim Lt As List(Of Integer) = New List(Of Integer)()
  5. Dim i As Integer.
  6. Console.WriteLine(” Insert 60 and 5 in the List”)
  7. ‘ Use of Add() function.
  8. Lt.Add(50)

What is type initializer in C#?

Type Initializers are a new language construct that allow for C# (and VB using similar syntax) to shortcut creating of custom constructors or writing additional code to initialize properties.

What is a constructor initializer in C#?

It is used to overload the constructors in a C# program. It allows code to be shared between the constructors. Constructor initializers, which use the this-keyword, prove useful in nontrivial classes. Example. This program contains a class called Mouse with two public constructors.

How do you handle exceptions in VB net?

VB.Net exception handling is built upon four keywords – Try, Catch, Finally and Throw.

  1. Try − A Try block identifies a block of code for which particular exceptions will be activated.
  2. Catch − A program catches an exception with an exception handler at the place in a program where you want to handle the problem.

What is class in VB net with examples?

A class is a group of different data members or objects with the same properties, processes, events of an object, and general relationships to other member functions. For example, it represents the method and variable that will work on the object of the class. …

How do you create a collection in Visual Basic?

You can use the Visual Basic Collection class to access a collection item by using either a numeric index or a String key. You can add items to a collection object either with or without specifying a key. If you add an item without a key, you must use its numeric index to access it.

What are the basic parts of a VB net program?

A VB.NET program consists of the following:

  • Namespace declaration.
  • One or more procedures.
  • A class or module.
  • Variables.
  • The Main procedure.
  • Comments.
  • Statements & Expressions.

Is there a VB collection initializer in Visual Basic?

Visual Basic 9.0 doesn’t support this yet. However, Visual Basic 10.0 will. Here are VB collection initializers using the From keyword. (Starting with Visual Studio 2010) Thanks for contributing an answer to Stack Overflow!

Do you need to initialize a list before a collection?

When you create a collection, such as a List or a Dictionary , you must supply the collection type before the collection initializer, as shown in the following code. You cannot combine both a collection initializer and an object initializer to initialize the same collection object.

How to create a collection in Visual Basic?

A collection initializer consists of a list of comma-separated values that are enclosed in braces ( {} ), preceded by the From keyword, as shown in the following code. When you create a collection, such as a List or a Dictionary , you must supply the collection type before the collection initializer, as shown in the following code.

What are object and collection initializers in C #?

Object and Collection Initializers (C# Programming Guide) C# lets you instantiate an object or collection and perform member assignments in a single statement.