What is a synonym for Pantophagous?

Dictionary of English Synonymes pantophagousadjective. Synonyms: omnivorous, all-devouring.

What is another word for underlie?

In this page you can discover 13 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for underlie, like: presuppose, underpin, stem from, encompass, underlying, embody, arise from, embodied-in, underly, carry and bear.

What is the closest synonym for stupendous?

synonyms for stupendous

  • astonishing.
  • astounding.
  • breathtaking.
  • colossal.
  • enormous.
  • fabulous.
  • fantastic.
  • fat.

What is it called when you say something but it means something else?

Irony is “the use of words to convey a meaning that is the opposite of its literal meaning.” Inside jokes told subtly, so that outsiders don’t even know they are told, creates irony. Likewise, if I say something to you intending you to understand it one way, even though I mean it another way, I am speaking ironically.

What does underlying meaning mean?

The obvious meaning of underlying refers to something beneath something else. But the word carries a more subtle meaning, that of something hidden but important, something that shapes the meaning or effect of something else, without being explicit itself.

Is Algolagnia a disorder?

n. a sexual disorder in which sexual excitement is achieved by passively experiencing or actively inflicting pain. See sexual masochism; sexual sadism.

What is the synonym of vivacious?

Frequently Asked Questions About vivacious Some common synonyms of vivacious are animated, gay, lively, and sprightly. While all these words mean “keenly alive and spirited,” vivacious suggests an activeness of gesture and wit, often playful or alluring.

What is the word for saying something mean in a nice way?

thoughtful, kind – these relate more to the character of the person; and. tactful, gracious – these relate more to the choice words and manner of communicating them.