What happened to Dog Pound TMNT?

Pulverizer Returns: In the beginning Dogpound is being beaten by Shredder due to the latest failure in defeating the Turtles. Later him, Fishface and foot clan members attack the turtles, who have different weapons, while trying to steal mutagen from the Kraang.

Who killed Rahzar TMNT?

Rahzar is the first character to be resurrected in the animated series, after he was drowned to death by Leatherhead at Coney Island. This resurrection was performed by Kavaxas, as commanded by Tiger Claw.

What episode of TMNT does Donnie get hurt?

Broken Foot
“Broken Foot” is the sixteenth episode of the fourth season of the 2012 TV series, and is the ninety-fourth episode overall in the series.

How old is TMNT xever?

Team The Foot Clan
Enemies Ninja Turtles
Age 22
Voiced By Christian Lanz

Who is the wolf in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?

Tokka and Rahzar
Publication information
Voiced by Tokka Rob Paulsen Frank Welker Rahzar Townsend Coleman Frank Welker Clancy Brown
In-story information
Species Tokka: Mutant common snapping turtle Rahzar: Mutant wolf

What happened to Shredder’s face?

Born in 1964 in rural Japan into an infamous ninja clan called The Foot, Oroku Saki was destined to inherit his father’s role as clan leader. When she refused, Shredder fought Hamato and burned down the residence, killing Shen and scarring most of his own face.

What kind of fish is fish face TMNT?

Mutant Snakehead
He was originally a human Brazilian street thug who Shredder bailed out of prison named Xever Montes. He is now a mutant snakehead who is one of Shredder’s hench-mutants, along with his partner, Rahzar….

Species Human (Formerly) Mutant Snakehead (Current)
Skin Color Red and White
Eye Color Yellow

What kind of dog is Dogpound in TMNT legends?

The same day Bradford gets bitten by Shredder’s akita dog, he gets exposed to mutagen. A hulking akita-human hybrid, he transforms into Dogpound. He has tremendous strength, and a dog’s acute sense of hearing and smell.

Who is the mutt in the TMNT?

One Part Man, One Part Mutt, Dogpound is all evil! mutated from a martial artist master named Chris Bradford. This razor-backed brawler’s been reborn with Bite and Fight that’ll rival any teen turtle he faces. Fiercely loyal to The Foot Clan, Dog Pound is off his leash and ready to tear into anyone who is foolish enough to face him.

Why is Chris Bradford called Dogpound in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?

In Panic in the Sewers, the Turtles encounter the mutated Bradford during a spying mission. He overwhelms them, forcing them to retreat. Mikey names him “Dogpound” after this, and all the Turtles call him that from then on.

What did Dogpound do in Showdown Part 1?

Dogpound is seen fighting the turtles with Fishface and soldiers, and Fishface aided in Bradford’s experiment with the Pulverizer, who mutated into a giant transparent blob monster in the end. In Showdown, Part 1, Dogpound and Fishface serve as the obstacle between Splinter and the Shredder.