What does the chemical formula Ga2O3 indicates?

Gallium oxide | Ga2O3 – PubChem.

How many protons electrons and neutrons respectively does 81br have?

Bromine has a mass number of 80 and 35 protons so 80-35 = 45 neutrons. b) How many electrons does the neutral atom of bromine have?…How many protons does bromine 81 have?

Protons Neutrons
37Cl 17 20

How many neutrons are in Mercury 206?

121 neutrons
There are 121 neutrons in one atom of Mercury.

How do you calculate gallium oxide?

Gallium(III) oxide/Formula

What is the name of ZnBr2?

Zinc bromide
Zinc bromide (ZnBr2)

How many protons are in the species ga3 +?

Answer. The Sc3+ ion contains 21 protons and 18 electrons.

What is the atomic number for bromine 81?

Properties of Br-81 Isotope:

Properties of Br-81 Isotope: Br-81
Neutron Number (N) 46
Atomic Number (Z) 35
Mass Number (A) 81
Nucleon Number (A) 81

What has 27 protons and 33 neutrons?

Cobalt-60 has 27 protons (thus 33 neutrons).

What is the chemical symbol of mercury?


Is gallium oxide acidic or basic?

Gallium is amphoteric (i.e., it reacts either as an acid or as a base, depending on the circumstance), reacting with sodium and potassium hydroxide solutions to yield a gallate and hydrogen gas.

What is gallium used for?

It has important uses in Blu-ray technology, mobile phones, blue and green LEDs and pressure sensors for touch switches. Gallium readily alloys with most metals. It is particularly used in low-melting alloys. It has a high boiling point, which makes it ideal for recording temperatures that would vaporise a thermometer.

How to calculate the number of NO2 molecules?

2for each two NO as required by the balanced equation. The right box (products) contains eight NO2 molecules. The number of NO2molecules on the right equals the number of NO molecules on the left as the balanced equation requires. Counting the atoms, we find eight N atoms in the eight NO molecules in the box on the left.

How many NH3 molecules should be shown in the diagram?

In the following diagram, the white spheres represent hydrogen atoms, and the blue spheres represent nitrogen atoms. To be consistent with the law of conservation of mass, how many NH3 molecules should be shown in

What are the reactants in sample exercise 3?

Sample Exercise 3.1 Interpreting and Balancing Chemical Equations Solution (a) The left box, which represents the reactants, contains two kinds of molecules, those composed of two oxygen atoms (O 2 ) and those composed of one nitrogen atom and one oxygen atom (NO).